Best Parental Control Apps For Your kid’s Smart Phones

There are plenty of parental control apps are available on the web that you can purchase within no time. However, they are certain apps to set parental control on target devices and you can use it for free of cost.

when it comes to the effectiveness of these free and highly promotional apps it is not necessary that these mobile parental control apps can fulfill your digital parenting requirements.

Because the features that you are looking for in the particular parenting software could be missing and you could have lost your money and time.

Therefore, you need to do smart work in order to have the best parental monitoring software that can deal with your problems to the fullest and you don’t lose your time and money.

 So, I would like to suggest about my individual experience that I have got over the years for setting parental control on kids and teens devices. All you need to do is to get your hands on the digital parenting software that empowers you to monitor your children devices and keep you updated about the entire mobile phone activities connected to the internet.

Let’s get to know how you can get your hands on the best monitoring software for parental control.

Install Mobile phone parental control software

You don’t need to go anywhere simply visits the web on your PC or cell phone and then visit the web page of the cell phone parental control app.

Now you need to get the subscription and you will receive the email that provides you login ID and password. In addition, you need to have possession of the device physically.

Once you have it then start with the process of installation and once you have done it with complete accuracy you need to activate it on the target device. Later on, you need to use the login ID and password that you have received at the time of subscription.

Use the credentials and you will be able to get access to the online control panel of the phone parental control software. Now you can visit the multiple parental control features that gives you everything in terms of activities that is been performed on the target device within no time.

Let’s discuss all the features in the following.

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Here are best parental control software features

Call history tracker

The end user can use it on the target cell phone device and can record and listen to the live phone calls in real –time by using secret call recorder. Further user can save the recorded data into the web portal.

Social media messenger spy software

You can monitor all the trendy instant messaging apps logs likewise text messages, text conversations, audio video conversations, photos and videos shared and last but not the least you can get the logs of Voice messages of the social messaging apps.

Internet History

User can get access to the target device browsing history and get to know about the visited apps, websites with a complete time stamp. However, you can see the bookmarked websites as well.

Live screen recorder

You can make short videos of the screen consecutively and further you can see the screen recording videos having access to the dashboard of the parental monitoring app. All you can do it with the live screen monitoring app. It keeps you updated about social media activities, browsing activities, emails, SMS, passwords applied and others alike. 

Remote controller

You can remotely control your target device in terms of parenting. You can remotely see the installed apps on the target cell phone. Moreover, you can block text messages on your children a mobile phone and as well as you can block incoming phone calls. However, it is possible to block internet access remotely.

Email tracker

The end user can monitor sent received emails on the target device with the use of email tracking app

Location tracker

It empowers you to monitor and track the exact and current GPS location of the target device of your children. Moreover, you can get to know about the location history daily and weekly location history and you can set on the Map save and dangerous places for kids.


Phone parental monitoring app is one of the best techs –a tool that has multiple powerful parenting features that no other tools are packed with.

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