How to install map updates on the Garmin Nuvi GPS device?

This article outlines how the Garmin Nuvi GPS can be updated using a Mac or Windows computer. The Garmin Nuvi map updates can be installed with the help of a free software known as Garmin Express. Alternatively, community-created map updates can also be installed from other third party websites. Both the procedures are mentioned below, so simply follow the steps to update Garmin GPS.

With the help of Garmin Express Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to update a Garmin GPS.

Garmin Nuvi GPS installation

Go to the official Garmin Express website from the web browser.

1.Click on Download for Windows or Download for Mac accordingly.This will start downloading the Garmin Express installer file on the computer.

2. Open the installer file (.exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac) by double clicking on it.

3. In case of Windows, check the terms and conditions agreement box and click on Install.

4. In case of Mac, click on Open when the verification prompt appears. Select the Garmin Express icon and drag it to the Applications folder. Follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Connect the Garmin Nuvi GPS to the computer using the OEM USB cable. For connecting to a Mac computer, a USB 3.0 to Thunderbolt adapter is required.

6. Double click on the Garmin Express icon to launch the software.

7. Click on Get Started icon on the welcome screen.

8. Click on Add a Device icon (icon with a + sign).

9. Once the Garmin Nuvi GPS device is recognized by Garmin Express, click on Add Device.

10. Register the Garmin Nuvi GPS and follow any other on-screen instructions in order to complete the device setup.

11. Open the Garmin Express dashboard by clicking on the house shaped icon.

12. Click on Install or Install All.

This will install the available Garmin Nuvi map updates on the device. Wait till the updates are installed on the Garmin Nuvi GPS and disconnect it afterwards.

The same procedure can be followed whenever new updates are available. The dashboard will display all the available updates and Garmin Express also gives notifications in case of new map updates.

Note: Garmin update can take several hours to download and install the map updates on Garmin Nuvi GPS.

Update Garmin GPS with community-created maps

While Garmin Express is an efficient software to easily update Garmin GPS, there can be situations when Garmin Express may not work properly or fail to install the updates. In such cases, community-created maps can come in handy as these are freely available. These updates are downloaded as an .img file and have to be renamed as gmapsupp.img. Follow the steps given below to install the community-created map updates:

1.Go to from the web browser.

2. Select the type and region of the map and click on the download link.

3. Connect the Garmin Nuvi GPS to the computer or if it has a SD card, remove it and insert it directly in the card reader.

4. In case the device is connected using the OEM USB cable, make sure to put it in the mass storage mode.

Open the Main Menu on the Garmin Nuvi GPS.

Tap on Setup.

Tap on Interface.

Tap on USB or USB Mass Storage.

Open the Garmin Nuvi GPS drive or the SD card on the computer from the File Explorer or This PC. In case of Mac, the Garmin Nuvi GPS drive or SD card will appear on the desktop itself.

5. Open the Map or Garmin folder.

6. Transfer the downloaded map update file to the Garmin or Map folder. This process may take several hours depending on the file size.

7. Disconnect the Garmin Nuvi GPS once copying is complete or remove the SD card from the card reader after the transfer of file and re-insert it in the device.

8. Garmin Nuvi GPS will reboot after disconnecting.

9. In order to launch the updated map, the base map may need to be disabled as the two maps might create an overlap conflict.

Go to the Settings from the Tools menu.

Tap on Map and then tap on Map Info.

Unmark the box for the base map.

Mark the box for the updated map.

Simply launch the updated maps from the home screen of the device.

The procedures mentioned above can make it easy to update Garmin GPS with the latest map updates. Also, community-created map updates work as free Garmin map updates while Garmin Express provides official Garmin Nuvi map updates.

Both the methods given above are easy and Garmin Nuvi GPS can be effortlessly updated with the latest maps by following either of these methods. This method is the perfect answer to question widely search on google like how to update garmin gps or how do i update my garmin maps for free. Still If you face any difficulty then call on garmin technical support phone number for more detailed clarifications.

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