10 Best & Popular Android Mobile Apps of All Time

70 percent of the people would be reading this blog over their smartphones and without a thought, in just a few seconds they would switch to another app for some other stuff? Isn’t this too mainstream in today’s time? We are in a world where we use smartphone/android phones and switch between different apps the whole day. Sometimes for fun while some of the times for some specific purposes and this is what has taken a revolutionary turn in the world.  

These must have apps for mobile have become a necessity now and probably they are the reason that now we need water, food, shelter and our phones to survive in the world. But every of the app that is there in App store or Play store isn’t a necessity and thus we here have listed 10 apps that have become an integral part of our lives and have been downloaded the most till the year 2019.

1. WhatsApp

Who in the contemporary times wouldn’t be using WhatsApp probably only someone who is an old school or is 90 years old wouldn’t have an idea about it? This application is used to communicate with people all around the world. From text messages to audio calls and video calls everything could be done through this app and this is that reason that it has become so popular around the world. This has topped the list because it has already got around 5 billion downloads in the world already.

Link: Download WhatsApp On Playstore

2. Facebook

A 2004 build social networking website has flown in the air since 2011 when it came into the eyes of the world. This since then has become the most visited website and then after the launch of the same as a mobile application it has beaten all other applications in a number of downloads. This mobile application has been downloaded by around 4.9 billion people since it has been launched as a mobile application. Mark’s idea was really amazing and the number of downloads that it has got has exactly stated how much people have liked it.

Link: Download Facebook On Playstore

3. Instagram

Following the other two social networking applications on the third is Instagram. Well, although it is another social networking application yet it is a bit different. It only allows people to post pictures and visual stuff through this application and communicate through the same. This has sparked a visual communication needs in the world and now almost 4 billion people have the accounts on this application. How amazing it is that people are so desperate to communicate with the world and keep their social status updated that the top 3 of the most downloaded mobile applications are all related to social media.

Link: Download Instagram On Playstore

4. Facebook Messenger

And by this time in the blog, you won’t surely be surprised if I name another social networking application to take the 4th place in the list and I am going to do the same. Well, as I said Zuckerberg had some great ideas and what I am going to state next will exactly prove the same. The 4th most downloaded application in the world currently is Facebook Messenger. People who download Facebook are bound to download this application and thus it has got almost the same number of downloads. This application is used to send messages to all your Facebook friends that you need to contact or communicate with.

Link:  Download Facebook Messenger On Playstore

5. Skype

Skype is one of the best video calling application that world has ever seen and it is used in a number of causal as well as professional stances to make the connections to be made with people all around the world. Through this application, you can video call any of the individuals in the entire world without any charges just over the internet. This application has been downloaded more than a billion times.

Link: Download Skype On playstore

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6. Pubg Mobile

Players Unknown Battlegroundsthis is what we are hearing all around in the world recently and it has set some new trends in the world of mobile applications. This is a gaming application a game where you can fight with people from all around the world through your mobile phone device. It has created amazing craze amongst the youth of the world and people now are using it more than they ever used any game in the world. This is the reason that this is the only gaming application that has been included in the list of most downloaded applications.

Link: Download Pubg Mobile On Playstore

7. Twitter

Arghhh! Another social networking application to be listed? Looks like getting an idea about some social networking application and getting it to be developed from one of the best Mobile App Development Services can make us rich in no time. I might be getting away from the point but the actual point is that Twitter is the 7th most downloaded application in the world currently and is being used by almost 900 million people currently.

Link: Download Twitter On Playstore

8. Google Maps

Umm here comes something productive and something that is worth downloading in my opinion. This is one of a kind application in the world. Google Maps have a map of the entire world on it with even the smallest details to be listed about every place. This makes people get help in reaching their destination and is really productive in a number of purposes which is why this has been downloaded so many times and has made to the list of most downloaded applications. Moreover, this application is being used in different other applications as well that require assistance in the mapping of destinations.

Link: Download Google Maps On Playstore

9. DropBox

Dropbox is a unique application for file sharing and with the services that it offers people use it for personal as well as professional purposes. This is the reason that this application has been downloaded almost 700 million times by different users. It brings benefits to different areas in business and personal sharing.

Link:  Download Dropbox On Playstore

10. TikTok

The teenagers in the world today might get to anything that brings them fun and entertainment and the inclusion of TikTok in the list of most downloaded apps is proof of the same. This application allows you to create videos with adding special effects, audios and other special filers to it that are present in the application and the trend of TikTok has taken over the world with such urge and from a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old we have seen everyone downloading and using it.

Link: Download Tik Tok On Playstore

These applications are not just applications but they are ideas. Ideas that have brought the world to a different level and one of the ideas that we similarly see in the world is to connect them to people from all around the world or bring entertainment. This depicts that entertainment and connection are the most important element to be sold in the world today and the perfect medium to sell anything is to have a mobile application for the same.

The list of most downloaded apps might change in a few days, weeks or months maybe but the idea that mobile applications will be the best medium to sell your idea will remain intact will we are having the era of technology.

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