7 Best Animation Software Programs To Make The Most It For 2019

Everyone has a story they aspire to tell. Some get the opportunity to visualize their thoughts in a compelling book or a video while some do not get the chance to do that ever. However, if you have the aspiration to become a visual storyteller then you should not fret.

The solutions for creating animated content, be it 2D or 3D, are numerous. Several tools and animation software exist that you can easily avail and operate.

Here are some unique animation tools and applications you might have never heard of.

1. Stykz Animation Creator

Before stepping into the realm of animation, it is essential to stick to the basics rather than jumping to professional animation software. Stykz is a desktop animation software that is a befitting choice for beginners and novice animators. As per the name suggests, Stykz can be used to animate stick figures.

With this software, way animators are able to learn about the laws and rules of motion, gesture control, and movement better. The onion-skinning feature also exists to make quick tweaks to the animated panels or frames.

2. Aurora 3D

With the availability of a free trial, Aurora 3D is a cost-effective alternative to professional animation software. If you are looking to build a website then Aurora 3D is an accurate selection of animating logos and titles for web platforms. Once you have made the animation, you surely would not want someone else to illegally use it.

For that reason, there is the option of adding watermarks to animations. No person would be able to claim your work as theirs and that is one small yet effective feature of Aurora 3D as an animation tool.

3. clara.io

By being a bit more on the expensive side, Clara.IO has a pricing plan of 1000/year however, it does not ask for purchasing the software right away and provides access to a free month trial. Professional animators who want to hone their animation skills further tend to opt for Clara.IO the most. This software program has not been heard of on a wide scale yet it is an amazing tool to work on.

With support for 3D animation and modeling, Clara is integrated with computability for Windows, Linux as well as the Mac OS. Finally, the tool also allows you to import files from other 3D animation software such as Blender.

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4. blender

As we have already mentioned Blender alongside Clara.IO, what makes the Blender software so unique and effective is that it’s a free to use tool and still it has all the essential features and options one needs for the creation of a 3D animation. With cross-platform OS support, Blender is a befitting selection for Windows.

Since it supports an open-source environment,animators can make use of blending, texture tools and multiple editing options without making any purchase. The best part is that Blender has also been used in Hollywood movies so you can assume how effectual it actually is.

5. synfig

Another free to use and open source animation tool, Synfig supports only 2D animations as for now. One should not doubt its potential because of its open source nature as all the features Synfig Studio offers are of top-notch quality. While it is free software, so people expect it to be easy to use but that is not the case.

The features and editing tools are a bit difficult to grasp on at first but with practice, one can get a hang of it easily. Vector animations can be rendered through Synfig Studio as it contains all the necessary tools for vector graphics and animations.

6. pencil2d

Many individuals and businesses tend to look for a Video Animations Company but they should also consider potential and useful alternatives. A free software program for 2D animation production, Pencil2D allows you to stick to simple and alluring animations.

What makes this tool so unique is the fact that animators can draw using the software and animate their drawing in the tool itself. This notion is less time consuming as you can also import your drawings to the tool for transforming them into complete animations.

7. Modo

Simulation tools for animation are aplenty but you need to pick the best one. However, such tools are not so simple to grasp on to. Every aspect of the object you are animating should be considered. Most tools are not able to execute such simulation concepts and models easily but Modo does it correctly.

Animators can add relevant visual effects without having to worry about an accurate outcome. One can also rely on Modo for adding texturing and rendering objects for a full-fledged animation. The current Modo 13 series is meant for both modeling and rendering so you can simulate animated layers without the hassle.

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