3 Reasons You Should Start Learning PCB Design Right Away

If you haven’t heard of a PCB before, don’t worry – you aren’t alone. Lots of people have never heard of printed circuit boards, and yet most of us have seen them at some point. PCBs are at the heart of the majority of modern consumer electronics, powering everything from remote controls to smartphones.

PCBs aren’t just another electronic component, however. Anyone can design, and even build, a PCB in their own home. The rise of free PCB design software has meant that PCB design is now accessible to anyone who cares to give it a go. PCBs are used in electronic products of all types, so there are plenty of excellent reasons to start learning about these fascinating components.

The best way of learning about the PCB is to learn about how they are designed. Here are the top three reasons you should learn about PCB schematic design today.

It’s Easier Than You Might Think

Many people assume that electronics are hideously complicated. After all, if you ever look inside an electronic device, it is rarely obvious what all the various components are if you haven’t had some kind of training. On the contrary, PCB design is very accessible and something that any motivated person can teach themselves.

There are lots of excellent online resources that you can turn to. These range from tutorials that cover the very basics of PCB design all the way up to guides on how to produce highly specialised PCBs for specific purposes. There is now an excellent spread of guides and tutorials for people of all ages and skill levels, so no matter what your prior knowledge or experience, if any, anyone can learn PCB design if they want to.

Circuit Board Design Can Be Fun

To many people, designing circuitry must seem like one of the most boring things you could possibly do. However, for anyone with even a passing interest in electronics, PCBs aren’t just a fascinating subject, they are fun to learn about as well. They’re even more fun to learn about if you can combine your learning about the theory of PCB design with some practical design and production work.

In other words, if you want to get the most out of PCBs, you need to look at making your own. Once you start to play around with physical boards, you will find that you gain the kind of knowledge that is available only to those who are going beyond abstract designs and are actually bringing their schematics to life.

There’s Lots of Money in it

If nothing else, learning about PCB design is a fantastic investment in terms of time and money. There is an endless array of jobs available to those who know PCBs inside and out. Now that just about every industry you could name is making use of electronic devices to some extent, there is a need for PCBs across the board.

These are just three great reasons to learn about PCBs but there are many more. Anyone who has an interest in how modern electronics work, or how they can build their own, should look into PCB design.

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