Do you need to repair the hard drive or recover your data?

“Good morning, I was calling because my computer has broken down and I need to repair the hard drive.” But, in reality, what the client wants is to repair the hard drive? Or what interests you are recovering your data?

The distinction between repairing the hard drive and recovering the data may seem subtle. However, understanding it can mean the difference between keeping your family photos, the designs of your studio or the accounting of the company … or say goodbye to them forever. For example, if you take the PC to a computer repair services, it is possible to return it working perfectly but … with the empty disk.

So, what is your case? Have you lost access to your files and need to recover them? If so, in salvagedata raid recovery here we can help you. Although probably, to recover the information, we will not repair the damaged hard drive!

Why not? Hard drives contain high-precision mechanisms, with adjustments that can only be made at the factory. For example, if your external disk is not recognized by the PC after suffering a fall, the damage may have affected its internal mechanisms (read-write heads, turning motor …) or the delicate magnetic plates, all impossible to restore to its original factory condition.

When you want to extract the information from a damaged hard disk, there are specific techniques to put the disk into operation and stabilize it for a limited time, enough to dump the data to another support. In some cases, if the failure did not affect the data area, the disks may be operational; but in general, it is not viable to repair them permanently.

In fact, the Ondata laboratory always delivers the results of data recovery on a new medium. It accompanies the original damaged disk that sometimes works again, warning the user of the risk that would imply continuing to work with that original disk, since it is not reliable and can fail again at any time.

If you have already decided that recovering your files is the most important thing, do not let anyone try to access the data without the proper technology, because even the mere fact of keeping the computer running can damage the disk irreparably. The best recommendation is that you ask a specialized service for a free diagnosis of the state of the disk and the possibilities of recovering the data.

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