Best Productivity Apps To Use In 2019

The world is falling in love with the applications that comes along with the gadgets that are making our lives a lot easier and smooth. The efforts, hard work that we earlier used to put to get things done has now decreased a lot.

Here are a few applications that we believe everyone must have in 2019


Make your project management work super easy and quick. In the too complicated life don’t make the work too complicated. Just ease it out with the 21st century applications. The highly visual application is very intuitive and fun.

Break the bigger texts into smaller chunks and the application will make it super easy for you to remember everything. Arrange the cards in different columns. When you set a list of tasks

Download Trello App


Choose the professional way to communicate with your co-workers. Make collaborating with the co-workers a thing as easy as a breeze. Internet is great for everything and all the tasks that you need to perform as your daily job. With slack we are making the method of communicating quick and easy.

In a professional environment all the communication is carried in emails and your communication not being limited to 1 or 2 mails you have to time and again contact with the others. Imagine the most important message related to work gets buried under the million others.

But that won’t be a problem if you have slack. It is an app that easily, neatly organise the searches. The application will different channels for every different project, client, departments and the team members can easily jump in and jump out of any conversation. So, if anyone is no longer involved in aconversation then they will not get unnecessary conversations.

Don’t think slack is just limited to sending and receiving mails but it is way more than that. You can even share documents, images, files and even add GIF inside the application.

Download Slack App

Hello Sign

Signing a bundle of documents has always been a pain. But, now thanks to the signing software system. You can sign the documents automatically with this application. Signs the documents electronically and easily secure them in your Hello Sign system.

Just create an agreement then send it out for the getting necessary signatures and then it will be saved with you for any kind of future references.

Download Hello Sign App


There might not be anybody in the world who must have not heard about this application Uber. It is considered as one of the best business applications ever and it is raging in 2019. Uber has made the connectivity between people very easy as it provides the ease in travelling by providing car for commuting from one place to another.

So, now you don’t have to wait for those long hours in the rain, no more being dependant on anyone to drop or pick you. Just download this app and ask your Uber driver to pick you up from the exact location where you are. You can even track your live location for your own safety.

Download Uber App


Welcome the business game changer. Businesses worldwide use this facility to get an easy access to their customers. Crafting social media posts and responding the comments and reviews of the people demands a lot of time. But fortunately, there are a lot of applications available online that can help you craft a post and respond to its comments easily.

With the help of Hootsuite, it becomes very easy to post on social media accounts. With the help of Hootsuite which is a social media management application. With the help of this application you can handle various social media accounts at the same time. This app will allow you to schedule posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn pages from the screen.

You can reply too many comments at the same time with the help of Hootsuite. You can schedule the posts for next month, week and even for something that is going to happen three month after. At a single point of time reply to hundreds of messages and keep a track of your accounts always.

Download Hootsuite App


Toggl is one simple and intuitive application that is used for tracking the time. It works efficiently on every device from phone, tablet, computer to any other gadget that you wish to use. No matter where you are and what you are doing your time is always being tracked. Just remember to keep the application on as it will help you to remind about all your important meetings and to do tasks.

Download Toggl App

So, have you started searching for them already?

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