Beneficial impacts of embedding Instagram on your website

Being one of the oldest and most evergreen social media platforms, Instagram has managed to become an everyday asset for millions of people all over the internet.

It has eased out the process of communication on a whole another level.

From being a source of entertainment to promoting brands and advertisements, Instagram has managed to rise up as one of the most effective ways of socializing. It is visually appealing and relatable.

From different spheres of pictures, videos, texting options, stories and so on, Instagram provides us with a wide range of options.

And now, these options are not only entitled to its own website but various other URLs, which consist of all sorts of posts based on user-generated content.


Today, the more attractive your website is the more engaging will its viewership be.

Social media feeds on websites enhance content quality. They make it appear rich and worthy enough to be looked at. Once you have a glance at something you are intrigued by you are compelled to click onto it.

Without such embedding services, web pages would seem boring and after a while, your audience will lose interest in it.

Embedding such user-generated content in websites and portraying customer experience leaves an impression on the viewers. It influences them to connect with the reviews and allows them to relate themselves to what they see; thus promoting business growth and marketing.

The following article informs us of the benefits of embedding Instagram feed on websites.

1. Builds Social Trust

Instagram is a rich resource of pictures. videos and all sorts of content. When you view a website embedded with pictures and videos uploaded by other users, you build a connection with them. Although it is virtual, it gives you a sense of satisfaction on knowing that someone is on the same page as you are; literally and figuratively!

Instagram has a unique way of showcasing every sphere of information through pictures and videos. When these go onto business websites, for instance they make the user create effective and ongoing trust with the website and the people behind it. In the ever-increasing era of websites and more options to look on, it is of utmost importance to showcase valid content that defines originality.

Uploading such authentic content builds a trust factor and presents social proof which the users can believe in. Relatable contentwhen embedded onto social websites promote originality, authenticity and influence the viewers.

2. Improves website’s visual appeal

Instagram feeds are one of the most visually-pleasing aspects of social media. They are unique, abstract and always catch an eye when looked upon.

Embedding Instagram feed onto your websites enhances its overall appearance. It is not only attractive and unique. It also builds a more defined interface for the website.

The best part about embedding Instagram feed on your website is that you get to customize your theme from scratch and build a captivating website which will engage more users. You can also take up feeds from public accounts which make room for more creativity and builds credibility.

If your feed has creative potential it will attract more users and enhance the general outlook of your website.

There are innumerable options to choose from. Instagram feeds are one of their own kind. They make your website colorful and vibrant, rather than being only content-oriented and boring.

 3. Increasing your advertising reach

Nowadays, all social media websites have transformed into a platform for advertising. Basically, it acts as a hub of bulletins. Instagram is one of the biggest sources of income for a lot of people. It not only displays promotions and advertisements but also influences its viewers on a whole another level.

If people like what they see, they engage themselves in the content and visit the website more often. Embedding Instagram feed onto your websites is an integration of both. You can promote your business website and Instagram feed at the same time.

Instagram has a huge level of approach. Its presence on your commercial website increases the audience-traffic and compels the user to have a more concentrated look.

No matter how authentic a website is, users always look out for UGC! So, when any brand is embedding an Instagram feed onto their website, it promotes business growth. All thanks to its uniqueness, a huge amount of audience visits the website, and shares it with their peers and friends.

These antics of publicizing your brand become successful and effective in the long run.

4. Improves Dwell-Time

In today’s era, Instagram plays a gigantic role in everybody’s life. People tend to interact with your brand on social media if they admire it. This ultimately leads them to your webpage.

If they follow a certain feed that exists on your page, it inherits a sense of familiarity among the users.

If your content is engaging and convincing, they spend more time searching for your brand. This makes a huge difference and influences the dwell-time. Users engage more in your content.

If they already follow a certain feed and find that it exists on your page, it inherits a sense of familiarity among the users and hence, spend more time on the website. They also spread the word regarding it to many others. This inculcates the belief that what they follow is being followed by many others. Hence, they invest their time on your website and explore more. 

This compels them to visit your website on a more frequent basis and this improves the dwell-time, which gives fruitful results.

5. Helps you grow your Business

The integration of Instagram feeds with your business website is a smart and efficient way of promoting yourself as a brand. If your content is entitled only to your website, then there is a fair share of risk that people might not come to know about it.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that almost everyone is aware of. A large amount of audience follows it blindly. Nobody would like to visit a website that is dull and monotonous. This is where Instagram feeds come to play, as they make a website look more attractive and beautify its interface. This, in turn, encourages more audience.

When user-generated content is displayed onto your websites, people tend to relate more to it and trust what their fellow users have to say about the brand. This increases your business, helps generate more revenue and caters to all your business requirements.

People talk to others about what they like by looking at admirable content. This is an effective way of growing your business.

Also, if they notice that your brand is prevalent on popular social media platforms like Instagram, they will find you more secure to interact with.

To conclude

Instagram is more than a social media platform. It is a means of sharing your expression and promoting business growth on a whole another level.

So gear up and start embedding Instagram feeds on your websites for a larger-than-life experience!

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