Is the Trend of Facebook Games Alive?

When Facebook gained mainstream popularity, every feature on Facebook was a rage. Be it messaging & connecting with new people or gaming. One of our fond memories during the early stages of Facebook was playing co-op games on the interface itself. However as time progressed most games got their own interfaces and website. With further enhancement in mobile connectivity all of these games moved to an app-based platform. This significantly reduced the number of users who play games on Facebook. Let us understand how Facebook Games evolved with and is Facebook really relevant in today’s age?

The Evolution of Facebook Games

Facebook had a list of online games which could be played online. The reason it grew in popularity was the “Play with Friends” feature. Most of the games required certain ‘things’ without which completing the game would be a tad bit difficult. These things were in the form of articles required in the game, for instance game cash to buy articles, building materials, power ups and so on.

One of the reasons why Facebook games were popular was also the fact that these games did not require any additional software or files to be downloaded. They could simply be played on the interface itself. Since mobile technology did not gain mainstream adoption, people got a great place to spend their time.

The Decline of Facebook Games

With the advent of Mobile technology, Facebook moved to an app-based platform. And all the other games soon followed. As every game was soon available on Google Play game and App Store, more people got into downloading personalized versions of the game. However, this lead to most people getting into unfair practises.

Mobile games were much easier to hack, for example if you googled Coin Master free spins you could easily find software patches and files for the Coin Master game. This would grant you privileges like unlimited lives, unlimited coins and things which make the game easier to play. Coin master free spins when one searches on google are usually fake but they use SEO techniques to rank their sites and earn through CPA marketing.

Although hacks are fun initially, but it reduces your overall proficiency of playing the game. They can also lead to your account getting banned permanently. This is the reason why a lot of games started relying on other means to verify people’s profile. This caused a resurgence of Facebook for playing games.

Facebook for Playing Online Games

As mobile internet technologies gained further prominence, most games moved to an online platform. But then apps had to take extra efforts to accomodate features which would let people find their friends for playing the co-op mode. Facebook acts like a third party in such situation.

This has led to most of the games using Facebook for its social connect feature. Most of the games these days rely on Facebook for connecting people with their friends. This had led to Facebook being an integral part of their games. The only major difference lies in the fact that apps and games have a different interface, but still have to put a Facebook feature.

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Although it may seem that the days of Facebook games are over, but it is far from it. Since most games have to rely on Facebook, it is still growing at a decent rate. Facebook games may not be as popular on the interface, but most online games have social media connectivity. This social media connectivity does not only help these games verify people’s profiles but also let people play with their Facebook friends. It can thus be said that you can take games out of Facebook, but you cannot take Facebook out of games as we owe the fun times we have playing these games to Facebook.

Also Facebook games is a great platform for building new connections. Although some of these games may not be too much exciting but still there is a social group that makes you connect with different people in the world.

Facebook does not contain games that require very high hardware requirements. Because pro gamers will never use facebook for playing games. Games like detective games and candy crush saga, these are light weight games that do not require very high hardware requirements.

With launch of new games on android and ioS, they are usually tuned with Facebook accounts. Since social media platform makes a game diverse and facebook is best for that connection apps connect them the games to Facebook. The trend of application games is increasing which are comparatively faster than games directly from Facebook.

Hence it is possible that the Facebook games will be launched in form of apps but trend will still go up. Yet there are many possibilities that may change with future gaming technologies and market.

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