Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps for Online Streaming And Downloading In 2019(watch movies free)

Want to watch movies online on go? Here are the best free online movie apps to download free Movies on android and watch free movies.

The life has become so fast and hectic that most of the people have to spare time for recreation to get going. In this digitized world the latest technology has provided us with ease of access to the whole world of recreation through the free apps that have huge resources of movies that you can watch at your own convenience. If you want to have hundreds of entertaining movies and other programs at your fingertips here is a list of the free movie apps that are a must for every android phone & I phones & you can watch free movies online.

1. Sony Crackle (Free)

The best thing about Sony crackle is that it supports almost all the smart devices that one can imagine these devices include the smart phones of almost all makes and models, you can watch videos on smart TV’s gaming consoles and the streaming players and of course all the web browsers.

Sony Crackle has a convenient to use interface where most of the videos stream quite smoothly and one thing that attracts most of the users is that one does not need to register with the website to use the apps.

What most of the Sony Crackle users like about it is that it has numerous movie options, all movies have captions and they don’t have to login but there is one thing that may be very irritation for some users and that is the appearance of ads in every movie that people watch.

Sony Crackle easily works with iOS that includes (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch),Blackberry, Android, Kindle Fire Tablet, NOOK Tablet, devices enabled with Sprint TV, Windows Phone, T-Mobile Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sony, Apple, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Chromecast, PS Vista,Xbox360, PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4 and Blu-Ray players.

Link: Download Sony Crackle Android Apps (Free)

2. TUBI (Free)

The Tubi android mobile app has a lot of resemblance with the desktop website, by the experts have optimized it so well that it is very easy to use. There are millions of people across the globe that is using Tubi for entertainment. The users like the app because the video quality of most of the movies is excellent and these movies are free to watch. The movies available to watch free are a good combination of older movies and the latest ones. Registering with the website is not necessary and you can watch as guest. The thing about the app that people don’t like is that they can stream only from Canada and USA. The thing that the people don’t like is the frequently appearing ads.

Link: Download TUBI Android Mobile App

3. Viewster (Free)

Viewster is a good movie streaming app that millions of people use to satisfy their entertainment needs. To use this app it is not mandatory to register with the website. It has a huge collection of animation, documentaries and movies from different countries. It runs perfectly on a number of devices, some of the devices have it pre-installed in them. All the apps are free to watch.

1.Link: Download Viewster Android Mobile App

2. Link: Download Viewster Iphone App

4. PopcornFlix (Free)

Among dozens of online apps that people use for entertainment such as watching movies and TV shows is one such app that is loved by a large number of people, it is known as Popcorn Flix. Some of the featured movies scroll across the homepage and you can search for the one you want to watch by genre. There is a specific area for new arrivals where you can find the latest movies that are available online. You even have the facility of making a queue for the movies you want to watch later. The users of this app love it for the ease of access to the latest movies available online, the ads are quite short and so are not irritating at all, and there is a specific area for TV shows. This app is compatible with a number of devices including iOS, Amazon Kindle, Blackberry, Android, Roku, Samsung TV and Xbox.

1. Link: Download PopcornFlix Android Mobile App

2. Link: Download PopcornFlix Iphone Mobile App

5. SnagFilms (Free)

Snagfilms is an app that contains thousands of documentaries, TV shows and movies. It is one of the most popular apps that provide movies on-demand. The users of this app do not have to register or login and can freely watch the best action movies and the classic romantic movies all free of cost. The app also contains movies from different countries with subtitles; these countries include China, Russia, France, Spain, and Nigeria.

This easy to use app is a good experience as it gives you a chance to make a queue of the films you want to watch later. Most of the movies have short ads in them but there are quite a few that have longer ads that are very irritating.

Link: Download SnagFilms Android Mobile App

6. Pluto TV (Free)

Pluto TV is a popular and unique service that has entertainment apps that run smoothly on a variety of smart phones and smart TV. You can easily watch live TV without paying a dime and you can even watch the movies of your choice due to its on-demand facility. It has the facility of watching live movies that you can watch on channel 51 onwards.

There are some things that make Pluto TV different from others and one of those things is the availability of live movies that are playing on TV channels, but on the other hand are things that most of the users don’t line about the app and one of that is the abundance of non-entertaining documentaries and other programs that a movie lover never wants to watch.

1.Link: Download Pluto TV App For Android

2. Link:Download Pluto TV App For Iphone

7. Yidio (Free)

There are many technology lovers who are aware of the presence of an entertainment app known as Yidio on the market. Though the app works on only a few devices like iOS, Amazon Kindle and Android it is popular for its ease of access and convenience of use.

1.Link: Download Yidio Mobile App For Android

2. Link: Download Yidio Mobile App For Iphone

8. Vudu (Free)

Vudu is an entertainment app that is famous for the videos that you can buy but if you have the patience to watch movies with ads then you can watch plenty of them free of cost. it also works as a digitization tool that has the ability to convert the Blue-ray to digital with the help of UPC even on your smartphone.

1.Link: Download VUDU Movies App For Android

2. Link: Download Vudu Iphone Mobile App

9. MegaBox HD (Free)

Megabox HD is one of the most popular movies apps that people use to watch the movies of their favorite genre. Though the app offers thousands of free movies the heavy advertisement that it shows during movies harms its popularity.

Link: Download Megabox HD App For Android

10 Showbox (Free)

One of the most used and favorite app that people use for smooth movies streaming is known as Show box. The HD quality of its Videos makes it one of the top Video streaming apps.

Link: Download Showbox Mobile App(APK)

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