Top 10 Best Free Windows Apps To Download

The nine years old operating system used by millions of users across the globe is known as Windows 7. Though the latest version of windows being used is Windows 10 but windows 7 has still not lost its popularity due to its user friendly interface.

There are many other reasons for the popularity of Windows 7, it is still supported by Microsoft and (unlike Vista) still receives security updates on regular basis, it does not bother you with pop ups like windows 10. It is much open than Mac OS and easier to use than Linux.

The following are some of the free to use apps & free software for windows 7 that will make your experience of use of Windows 7 even better.


The version of Microsoft Paint included in Windows 7 is much more enhanced than the one used in Windows Vista but still it is not much used for photo editing purposes as it lacks some of the features that you will be able to find in the GIMP app that is free to use for all and has plenty of features that are required to edit pictures.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one of the best open source photo editors that is liked by millions of users across the globe and is famous for its amazing features. It is free to use for all. It is a fact that it does not have all the features that Adobe Photoshop has but still it works good enough for the new photographers.

Link:Download GIMP

2. MusicBee

Nothing in the world looks good without music, and gone are the days when VCDs and DVDs were used for the sake of listening to the music, now is the time when most of the music is available online, some sites provide you paid access to the music while others provide you free access to the music. The present era is that of the apps and there are numerous apps that allow you the access to music but not all of them provide access to as much of music as the Musicbee does. You can easily organize the Podcasts and songs that you like in a logical manner. It adds the authentic metadata and provides you with the best quality sound a pc can give. This app is just amazing in playing all audio formats. It is known for smooth uninterrupted streaming and radio.

Link:Download MusicBee

3. VLC Media Player

Though Musicbee is enough to listen to good quality music for windows 7 VLC media player is needed to watch videos of different formats, in fact it supports more video formats that windows media centre does. It can be expanded with the help of user created skins and plugins. It is the best way to watch videos on your pc. You can optimize the playback according to your needs.

Link:Download VLC Media Player

4. Audacity

If you search the Accessories section of windows 7 you will find a sound recorder ‘Basic’ the whole function of the sound recorder is to take audio input from a microphone and save it into Wav format. If you want to edit your existing music files or make a podcast of your own you need something more sophisticated than the simple sound recorder and that thing is known as Audacity.

Link:Download Audacity

5. Shotcut

A few years back windows movie maker was considered to be the best in editing of the videos but with passage of time it has become outdated. To replace windows movie maker the new program known as Shotcut has emerged in the market. It is not the most powerful program for video editing but it works fine with windows 7.

Link: Download Shotcut For Windows

6. Google Chrome

A huge number of windows 7 users like using internet explorer and feel so comfortable with it, but the best browser that they should give a try is Google Chrome. To enjoy the convenience of synchronization of all your data stored in different devices with one Google account you should give Google  chrome a try.

Link: Download Google Chrome For Windows

7. Tor Browser

If you are one of those internet users who want to change their browser but don’t know about the best available option Tor Browser is the answer. The internet users who want to maintain their privacy should give tor a try and enjoy complete browsing privacy.

Link:Download Tor Browser Free

8. windscribe

Among several ways to maintain your online privacy ,one is that of using an effective VPN. Windscribe is the name of the best VPN that you can use with windows 7 and protect your privacy. The free version allows the privacy for 10 Gb data but those who need more data allowance have to buy its premium membership.

Link: Download Windscribe VPN

9. Foxit Reader

Windows 7 never have experience any problem in reading and opening PDF files, but it does not allow security checks or any changes in the text. To make changes in the PDF files you need a better program and that is Foxit Reader. It allows you to make changes in the PDF files.

Link:Download Foxit Reader

10. Libre Office

If you are a windows 7 user then you are lucky enough to have a replacement for Microsoft office in form of Libre Office. All the features of Power Point, word and excel are there to be used by the users.

Link: Download Libre Office

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