In this highly-competitive business and digital marketing, staying ahead and staying relevant is one of the most daunting tasks that companies and business organizations have to face.

From formulating different marketing tactics to gather a larger group of audience to selecting the way to communicate the business message, increased customer engagement is the top priority of every business organization.

Bigger and successful companies and brands have to constantly work on their identity to keep their-self unique. That’s when a well-designed logo comes into play. Creating a visual identity that set you apart from the potential competitors is the ultimate goal of every marketing strategy. Well-designed and creative logos not only guarantee increased audience engagement; rather, they also convey the visions and objectives of your business across the global targeted audience.

Where marketing strategy is crucial for creating brand awareness, a Professional logo design is useful for increasing engagement rate exponentially. Logo designing is all about innovativeness and creativity. The designers and businesses have to work on the latest trends and designing techniques in order to stay ahead in the digital realms.

It’s a no brainer that the shifts in logo design trends have huge impacts on the branding tactics and methods. Ever since the rise of mobile marketing and shopping, highly captivating and visually appealing logos have become the focal point of every marketing strategy and a must-have business essential. The logo is now just an aesthetic artwork; rather, it’s an effective tool equipped with capabilities to reflect the true values and objectives of your brand and business.

Professional web Designers are now pushing boundaries to explore the potentials of various design style. Experimenting with different colors and patterns is one of the clever ways to elevate the logo design trends. Here a quick review of the top logo trends 2019:

1. Variable logos:

We live in an era where marketing is not restricted to a single platform. It means that your logo should look good on each and every platform, be it a business card or a website or a huge billboard. The conventional theory of one-size fits all is no longer in practice. This modern logo design is not just a great way to increase customer engagement; rather, its adaptive nature makes it a perfect design option for multiple marketing platforms.

The adaptability of variable logos is what make it high-in-demand. It not only helps in personalizing the customer-business relationship; rather, its uniqueness also makes sure that your brand is easily recognizable.

2. Extreme minimalism:

Minimalism has been in the design industry for years and is probably here to stay. The reason as to why minimalism is highly preferred is that it not only makes your logos visually appealing and legible, but it also reduces the overall loading time of the image.

Extreme minimalism is all about removing every unnecessary design element and focusing only the typeface and majorly on typography. The modern-day designers are now using single strokes of the line to create awesome logos. It not only highlights the design’s simplicity, but it also gives a sophisticated artistic look to your brand’s visual identity.

3. Negative space:

Negative space has always been in the design industry, but it never really got much attention. This top logo design gained popularity only recently. Integrating negative space in your logo design is all about giving a deeper meaning to your design. Such logos are not just eye-catchy and visually appealing; rather, they are a clever and brilliant way to add a layer of values to your brand identity.

This logo design style compels the customer to think over the design in order to figure out the hidden message. Thus increasing the recall value and boosting the customer engagement rate. The best example is the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo Science, which clearly defines what the company is all about—delivering packages.

4. Better-quality details:

Where minimalism is still the leading and top logo design trend of this year, more and more companies and designers are gravitating towards the elaborate and detailed logo designs. This logo design trend is all about the proper use of hand-written text, hand-drawn illustrations, and baroque-style.

Where minimalism strip the details and design elements, this trend is the exact opposite of that. This trend is all about bringing all the finer design details into focus. From line shading and negative spaces to circles and lines, this trend requires attention to every detail, regardless of how minor it may be. This design approach is widely used and preferred by food and beverage companies and industries.

5. Renaissance of geometrics:

Abstract geometrical shapes have always been a part of the design industry. These shapes not just helps in inducing a futuristic and sophisticated look, but it brings the purpose of the design in perspective. However, the style sometimes may appear authoritarian; designers are using vibrant colorsand soft color palettes to enhance the visual appeal of this logo design trend. Mixing bold and eye-catchy geometric shapes with various color schemes can provide you with one of the best logos.

Taking common objects and layering them with different shades of colors and experimenting with lines is the modern way of using geometrics in graphic and logo designs.

6. Overlapped design:

One of the exceptional and cool logo ideas to integrate a layer of duality and sophistication in your logo design. The modern-day designers are looking for ways to make maximum use of overlapping space to generate more design possibilities and a fascinating blend of various colors and shades. This logo design company consists of stacked and overlapped design elements which not just gives an extra depth your design, but it also heightens the visual appeal and interest of the viewers and audience.

To make sure that your overlapped logo works well as your brand identity, all you have to do is to pick a single design element, come up with the right technique you use the overlapping space and blend it with colors to bring the whole design idea into perspective.

To sum up:

These are the top picks of logo design trends of 2019. However, there’s one thing for sure that the year 2019 is going to be an exciting one for the overall design industry. Designers are experimenting with different design methods to come up with intriguing designs which inevitably will leave a lasting impact on the design industry.  

About Author: 

Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti is a Digital strategist & Tech Geek, He’s always exploring new skills with different platforms in writing and marketing industry.

Twitter: @zeeshanbhatti

linkedin: Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti

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