Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System: Time To Know All About It

We are not referred to as “techno junkies” or “crackberries” for nothing, am I right? The love, excitement, and thrill that one experiences as a new gadget hits the market is beyond words can describe. However, the same level of exhilaration doesn’t course through my veins every time a new product is launched.

It is limited to a handful number of things that exceeds the mark of expectations and has the potential to ‘wow‘ me. This was the exact reaction (and of course there were a few tears of joy) when I finally got my hands on Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System.

Unboxing Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Package

As soon as I was done with my share of research on this extraordinary product, I ended up placing my order for it. The primary reason I wanted to give Lanmodo Vast Package a try is that I often have to face driver-unfriendly situations at night.

The pre-parcel-anxiety after placing my order didn’t last for a long time and I’m so grateful for that. It was within three business days that it was delivered to my doorstep at 23 Ambassador Drive Victor, NY. The unbelievably fast delivery was nothing in comparison to what I found inside.

The night vision system from Lanmodo is certainly a huge asset when it comes to driving in unfamiliar places marked with unlit roads. This product can be easily mounted on any car’s windscreen or dashboard and the camera system will get the magic started. It will light up the entire road ahead and also behind, when needed.


The premium quality, sturdy, perfectly well packaged box consists of the following –

• Easy to read manual with images

 • 8.2 inches, 1080 P High Resolution, HD big screen Night Vision System

• 1 OBD adapter

• NVS connection wire cable

• Power input cable – DC 12V

• Rear view signal input

• 1 Non-slip mat

• 1 Cigarette like

• 1 suction cup

• 1 screwdriver

The Experience Of Driving With Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System

There is nothing one can do to avoid driving at night. Driving in utter darkness, without knowing what’s in front of you is something no one should have to face. But, as for me it was something like a daily routine. Working as a night shift employee, my daily regime included driving to and fro from work every day of the week, during winter and monsoon. Though I was pretty used to driving at the late hours of the night it still never felt comfortable. The constant pressure of being extra careful was too much to handle. It was then that I ordered Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System. After months of making the most of this system that offered incredible help every time I was in a dark alley or driving through a bumpy road that I realized it is time to write a review about a product that has turned my driving experience upside down.

Everything about this product is incredible. From the least amount of effort needed to install this night vision system to its high-end features – there is nothing one won’t admire about it. The display that Lanmodo Vast offers even during the day is mesmerizing. You will have bright and clear vision of what lies ahead of you (not that you need it).

If you are planning on a road trip that includes rural roads and driving at night, then you are going to love this product. Driving along unlit or poorly lit roads in unfamiliar places is more nerve-wracking than you can imagine. It is exactly where Lanmodo’s premium quality product will come to your aid. A high-end gadget that has the potential to elevate your driving experience and improve road safety conditions is finally up for grabs. The one and only priority of a driver should be safety of himself and the others at all times – this product will ensure just that. Mount the product either in the windscreen of your vehicle or the top of the dashboard. There are easy to turn on and off buttons on the left-hand side of the device. You can manage the display settings that include contrast and brightness, black and white or color views, rotating or flipping the video display.


The Outstanding Features Of Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System

1.Reflects the real situation and full-color image.

2. 8.2 inches IPS screen

3. Friendly to the eyes

4. Amazing usual effects

5. 1080P HD resolution

6. Wide-angle vision – it offers a broad view

7. Up to 300m – night vision distance

8. It becomes very easy to know the situation of the road in advance.

9. Absolutely no damage will be caused to the IP67 by rain water.

10. Can be installed with the help of non-slip mat or the suction cup.

A Few Last Thoughts

I can’t boast enough about Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision System for the extraordinary features that it offers. Unlike several other luxury car manufacturers, who offer a built in, expensive night vision system – this product is better in leaps and bounds. The wide angle and full HD view can be installed in every vehicle. And, that is what I love about Lanmodo car products. They are designed keeping in mind the universal needs of every car owner. The device comes with an ultra-modern and highly sensitive camera which operates on intelligent algorithms. It relies on image optimization and gain amplifications to capture every detail of the dark road ahead in HD at night.

From the arrival of the product in a box that comprises of every requisite accessory needed for installation to using it when you need – everything is spectacular. All you have to decide is where you want the Lanmodo Vast. I opted for the dashboard option because of the pre-existing camera. The straightforward, easy to use product with unbelievable features deserves a place in every car. Lanmodo is doing the promotion campaign now with $100 discount on their official website. Also the readers in will have an extra exclusive $50 discount with code: LMDNVS_TW. Do not hesitate, get yours now!

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