How to check Macy’s Gift Card Balance

Macy’s is one of the most comprehensive online department brands in America, offering various trendy outfits and jewelry for men, women and kids. Nearly eight hundred department and various stores operating under Macy’s brand, allowing customers to buy the product online or through physical stores.

Macy’s Gift Card:

Why all the buyers are interested in making a gift card for a brand? This is the question, which really circulated around those who haven’t known about it. But the answer is simple.

Macy’s gift cards help the buyer to shop at any Macy’s stores nearby and avail the exclusive discount and discount code site wide. It works like a credit card, which possess the balance in it and workable at Macy’s store only.  

How to apply for it?

It is simple to avail the Macy’s gift card, as most of the other brands offer. By visiting online, Macy’s website, you can apply for the gift card. It will be visible on the homepage of Macy’s website. Click at the “apply”, but before it, goes through the significant policies offer by Macy’s. Then your process of the card will be started after applying.

Activation is very necessary for Macy’s gift card, otherwise, you don’t possess a balance in your card, which affects your shopping. Once, you have activated your Macy’s gift card, you can send your loved ones or friends various gifts online.

Examine Macy’s Gift Card Balance:

There are three methods for examining the balance in your Macy’s gift card. It’s essential to check your balance before you avail or send certain gifts through Macy’s. So, here are methods are given below to examine the balance.

Method 1: Through Online Official Website

This is the simple method for those who have the facility of internet and better understand about online shopping. By touring the official website of Macy’s i.e., checkout page would be visible to you when you buy the certain product of Macy’s. In the checkout page, gift card column is right there before tracking information. You can enter your code number in that bar, which will be available at the back of Macy’s gift card, usually involved 3 to 4 digits. After inserting the codes, a gift card would be available to you. Following that, the pop-up of balance in the gift card would be exposed to you easily.

Method 2: Inspect Through Buyer Support Service

Macy’s buyer support service is based on calls, emails, social website, Skype and other various channels. But, the question raise is that, how can you get access to Macy’s support service? It is simple, like other online retailers, you can perceive the credentials of customer service through the website. Visit, then under customer support service, you can pick the links or source to communicate Macy’s.

At the initial stage, while contacting buyers support, you have to verify yourself and the gift card that it belongs to you. After satisfying the customer service member, you can simply take out the significant details about Macy’s gift card balance.

Method 3: Check through Macy’s Physical Store:

If you have Macy’s store nearby you, then the third method would be a fitting choice for you. But, remember, carry your gift card, before visiting Mach’s store, which will be required at the point of sale desk.

The sales person at the desk holds barcode reader or scanning devices, required to examine your gift card. This scanning would unleash the important details and balance available in your card. For this scenario, be assured that you have scraped the silver thin sheet to release the unique code for your card. It is essential at the point of the scanning.

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