Top 9 Creative Ways to Use Custom Flash Drives

Since its invention back in 1998 by IBM – Custom Flash Drive is a proven remarkable piece of technology. It is outperforming every other storage with its sheer small size. With the latest cloud storage aiding businesses and individuals to store data in a ‘cloud,’ the USB drive is not yet ready to fall back. Both of the technologies have their pros and cons. A USB is a data storage device that uses flash memory that is integrated with a USB interface. Typically, you can remove, rewrite, and save data in USB drive anywhere anytime. A USB weight less than 28grams, and you can store up to 1TB data in this digital data storage.

Different Version of Custom USB Drive:-

A USB Drive storage is miles apart from a CD or a DVD. It is specifically designed to write and rewrite data multiple times; on the other hand, a DVD restrict in a number of times you can write on it. Nowadays, there are a plethora of varieties of USB drive available online and at the local store. While selecting one, it is easy to get confused. Therefore it is important factor to understand the ins and outs of the USB drive.

  1. 1.0 USB
  2. 1.1 USB
  3. 2.0 USB
  4. 3.0 USB
  5. 3.1 USB (Trending)
  6. 3.2 USB (Trending)
  7. 4.0 USB (Future)

Each successive generation of USB is fully backwards compatible with the previously released version. Trending today is USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB drives that give you enormous speeds up to 1,250 Mbps. The USB 3.1 was launched back in 2014. From the time of launch, the maximum transfer speed is doubled from 625 Mbps to 1250 Mbps.  The upgraded version of USB is an upcoming USB 4.0.

Although there is no official proposal for the USB 4.0 specification yet, however, it is expected that users could be getting a ten times faster transfer rate than previous drives.

This mean s approximately 10,000 Mbps transfer rate. The entire previous USB launch occurred in the difference of six years so. We can estimate that the year 2020 could be launch year for USB 4.0. For now, using USB 3.0 is trending, and it is safe, it is no doubt one of the most used USB.

Speed Chart Illustration for USB’s

  1. Thunderbolt – 1,250 Mbps
  2. USB 3.0 (superspeed) – 625 Mbps
  3. Firewire S3200 – 390 Mbps
  4. eSata – 370 Mbps5. Firewire 800- 98 Mbps

Custom Flash Drives are available in different varieties today and is used for a plethora of service. Here is a list of top 9 creative ways to use custom flash drives:

1.USB Business Cards: First thing first, it is essential to pick the right flash drive design. You can easily find a variety of designer custom flash drive online. Use your creativity. You can get fantastic imprints. So, instead of giving a plain business card invest in USB flash drive business cards. You can opt for different shapes and sizes. Pre-load you Business USB drive with your portfolio or with a presentation for easy reference. You can choose to use to give your business card to your potential clients or even to business partners.

2. Exclusive Content Distribution: In case you are planning an exclusive release on content, for example, music, video, or an e-book, make sure you do it with style! You can use a promotional USB drive to distribute your original exclusive and informative content. Using a custom flash drive will help you release a sneak peek version of your content. Also, you can create a creative twist in your marketing and help people remember you more!  The USB drive can offer the correct exposure.

3. Marketing of Photography and Videography: Next, you can choose to market your photography and Videography business. It is important that your client has access to the photos and videos. With latest flash drive offering you up to 1TB of space, it easy to carry around all your content in a digital version. In case you have a photography business, then perhaps it is the right time to invest in Custom USB drives.

4. Speaking Engagement Giveaway: Are you invited to give a talk at a conference or a lecture? Perhaps you are going to deliver a speech. You can let your hard work pay off by maximizing this opportunity – use a USB drive. You can put copies of your presentation and resources in flash drive then you can use it for distribution to the audience. This is one of the ways to revisit your presentations and give interested parties to a copy.

5. Flash Drive Invitations: Millions of flash drive users use these drive to send an invitation. Just like social media invites, you can use a flash drive as a physical invitation. In case, you like physical invitation then opt for flash drive invites. You can buy custom flash drives for photographer to store event details, photos, and even video, etc. You guests would know better about the occasion after receiving this creative invite. Moreover, they can use the multi-purpose flash drive to store the after-event photographs.

6. Pre-Event Giveaway: In case you are hosting an event then perhaps you can use a custom USB drive as a pre-event giveaway. This includes a local guide, registration kit, a map, recommended places, restaurants suggestions, and accommodation options.

7. Welcome Giveaway: You can make a change today and move toward eco-friendly ways of doing things. So, for the next orientation or welcome giveaway go paperless and store handbook, welcome notes, and important policy information in custom flash drives.

8. Networking Events: You can become a part of a huge network and handle it perfectly by using Custom USB Drives; you can store videos, photos, and resources materials. You can distribute the pen drive in a complete network, so everyone is on the same page as you are!

9. Company Event Giveaway: Are you looking for a perfect giveaway? Custom USB Drives is an amazing way to promote your business, and it is a practical gift that your recipient won’t hesitate to keep. You can use a USB drive as an advantage; you can share photos, videos, and event calendars. This is a great gift for your employees, clients, and event attendees.


These are few top-ranked used of USB drives. You can use the tips and tricks on your next endeavor. With your creativity, you can find a different way to use USB drives, and you can also share your unique ideas easily with others. The USB drive can help you to achieve top-of-mind awareness and promote your company well.

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