Tips to Fix Problems with Outlook .pst and .ost data files

Couldn’t able to create the outlook data file? well, If not then here is the complete solution…

The outlook is a powerful application for information management and generally, it is used as an email application. If you’ve used Windows then you must be familiar with its purpose and functions.

No matter which version of Outlook you are using it uses certain file formats to store the content of your email.

OST and PST files

While using MS Outlook, the items like emails, calendars, notes, etc., are saved on the Exchange server. OST file is a type of data storage type that lets you access email client data even in the absence of Exchange server. This file type can be used when you want to work offline. Also, the data is synchronized on the mail server after the re-establishment of Exchange server.

On the other hand, Personal Storage table (PST) is a folder where Outlook stores all the data such as emails, contact, calendars and tasks. There is a limit of 2 GB for each .pst file.

Both the file types have different use. OST permits the offline access to the data while PST stores all the mailbox data on the local device. Additionally, the PST file can be easily imported or exported whereas the OST file can be only opened by using the profile that was used while creating the OST file.

The PST files are accountable for regulating the POP3 and IMAP settings of MS Outlook. In contrast, the OST file depends upon the configuration of the email account, thus it cannot be opened anonymously.

OST file stores all the data that has been saved in the Exchange mailbox and it can be modified or deleted. However, PST file is created automatically while using POP3 and IMAP accounts. It is stored on the local device of users and can be shifted from one system to another.

Corrupted Outlook files

On one fine day if you are trying to open your outlook program for important work and it crashed how you would feel. If you tried restarting the program and still nothing happened. Don’t worry, this may have happened because of the corrupted or damaged outlook data files.

Corruption of data files generally makes outlook inaccessible along with your email account and everything within it.

There are various tools available for pst file repair. And Outlook bundles a tool called Inbox repair tool with it to repair such damages. The Inbox repair tool has the ability to repair the data file and also able to regenerate them by using the mail server.

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the process of repairing the corrupted data files. So, you can gain access to your inbox and get all your things back in one place without any harm.

Repair outlook data file (.ost)

Whether you are using Outlook or office 365, to fix the corruption through outlook repair tool, first you need to close the respective application. Follow these carefully crafted steps to repair OST file.

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu first, and then go to the Control Panel.
  • Tap User Accounts.
  • Now, tap on the Mail.
  • In the Setup window, tap on Show profiles button.
  • Now, select the profile you’d like to fix.
  • Now, tap on Properties button.
  • In the Properties window, tap on Email Accounts.
  • Now, tap on Data Files tab on the top.
  • Select the account.
  • Now tap on Open File Location button.

Now, close all the dialog boxes and highlight the file location folder (If you are using the default profile then you don’t need to follow these steps and go right to Microsoft\Outlook and delete the OST data files).

Now, choose the OST file and right-click on it, and select the delete option.

Once all is finished, re-launch your Outlook and it’ll create a new OST file for that account.

This way you can create a new and fresh OST file from the email server and you’ll get all your data back that was initially lost.

Now, if you are unable to create new OST file from the server and you want to repair it then you can convert OST to PST. PST files can be opened easily within the Outlook.

How to repair PST file using the Inbox repair tool

The Inbox Repair tool is an in-built utility provided by Outlook and is designed to fix the common errors with Outlook files. It is the best way to fix the consistent issues in a simple manner, thus it is perfect to apply for all Outlook user. The Scan PST tool is meant for repairing PST files and can be used for free as it comes pre-located in most of the devices that have Outlook installed. Although it is an official utility of Microsoft but it cannot help in fixing severe Outlook errors.

The PST file corruption can occur due to numerous reasons such as Hardware related issues, abrupt closure of Outlook, Oversized PST file or attack of Virus or malware in your system.

If somehow your PST is corrupted or damaged, you can use the inbuilt utility of Outlook named Inbox repair tool to repair it. This tool can fix some minor corruption issues but for the bigger corruption issue, you need to have third-party PST file repair tools.

Let’s get started with the repair process:

  • First, shut down Outlook.
  • And then go to this path: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16 (all outlook versions have different folders, so choose the folder for your version of outlook).
  • Now find the SCANPST.exe file on that given folder and double tap on it.
  • You’ll need to provide the Name of OST or PST file that you’d like to check for corruption. Tap on browse and select your desired OST or PST file. (You can save logs by tapping on the Options button)
  • Click on Start and wait.
  • If it detects any errors you’ll be prompted to fix them. Click on repair to being the repair process (You can also see the details of the errors by taping on the details button on the left).
  • If everything went according to plan then you’ll a dialog box stating ‘Repair complete’. Tap on OK and you are good to go.
  • You may have used these tools and recovered your OST and PST files but you have to perform some additional steps in order to fully recover from the corruption.
  • Open Outlook and you’ll see a Recovered Personal Folder in the left-hand side. This folder contains your email items that are repaired but couldn’t get restored to their original location.

To recover those items, you’ll need to perform a few steps.

Tap on Recovered Personal Folder

Now you’ll see a lot of items and you can select the items which you want to recover.

And then drag and drop those items to your current email folders.

If the Folder is empty, you can delete it by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete option.

Well, in any case, if any of these things are not working for you, go for the third party apps that let you Convert OST to PST and recover all the data from the corrupted files. You can actually select the custom data which you want to recover. It’s a great tool to have for instant recovery of your personal emails and attachments.

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