The Latest Illustration Trends to Watch Out For 2019

There’s no denying that illustration is one of the most vivid and expressive forms of communication. Where the illustrations play a crucial role in entertaining the audience through comics, flyers, posters and magazines, they are also vital for informing and communicating the required message to the targeted audience. In this highly digitized age, illustrations are regarded as the creative communication form, which correctly captures the developments and trends of the modern era. Illustrations are not just easy to use; rather, they also provide the artists and creatives with the freedom to experiment with innovative ideas and styles.

Making a great illustration is all about how we view the world and the evolution of time. Just as technology has changed the paradigms of every industry and daily life activities—the illustration industry was no exception to it. From simple pencil drawings on paper to vibrant sketches on screens, the technologically advanced tools and devices have simplified the process of illustrating.

We live in the age of technologically advanced devices where immersion in these digitals devices is a norm which has changed the way we communicate and interact. Another great impact of the rise in usage of digital devices is the integrating of digital arts in almost every industry. Where illustration has become a crucial part of digital transformation, the widespread usage of illustrations has impacted the business and marketing sectors as well.

When it comes to making a masterpiece, every illustrator and artist need to have a distinct style which, when commissioned, give a unique and creative touch to the artwork. Whether you wish to introduce your style of illustration or you, want to innovate your work through abstraction, or you want to go against all the trends and developments, knowing the industry trends is crucial for proving your illustrative uniqueness.

However, in the widespread arena of illustration, identifying the trends is a daunting task. You don’t have to stick to these trends to achieve illustrative excellence, but knowing them certainly comes in handy while sketching out the best ideas and designs. So, here are some of the recently incorporated illustration trends:

1. Vibrant colors and simple shapes:

The overwhelming and well-known trend of simplification and minimalism is nothing new to the illustrators and artist. Where these concepts make the illustration process easier and simpler, incorporating these attributes can be a bit a daunting job. Considering the extensive use and preference of these two concepts, it’s no surprise that the entire illustration industry has moved towards simpler and cleaner shapes and icons.

Another great introduction to this industry is the usage of fewer but eye-catchy and well-contrasted colors and shades. With the introduction of this trend, the illustrative approach is now often based on bold and vibrant colors and simpler and cleaner shapes and icons.

2. Organic and handmade:

Where playful and vibrant colors, 2D vector-based designs, geometric design approach have ruled the realms of the illustration world. The counter-trend of hand-crafted and organic illustration is now becoming a widely preferred illustration approach and method. With a rise in usage of digital devices and tools, the illustration is now filled with loads of clean, bold and sleek illustrative styles and designs.

Regardless of clean and polished a digitally drawn artwork is, it can’t compete for the beauty of a hand-drawn piece. The panache and natural feel of a hand-made design are now what most of the modern clients demands. The earthiness and striking colors of these hand-made and human-crafted illustrations not only enhance the visual appeal of the drawing; rather, it also keeps all design intricacies intact and well-coherent.

3. Quirky abstractions:

Another impact of 2D vector based designs and minimalism is the rise of design and illustrative abstraction. Whether you are a children book illustrator or work as lead designer in the magazine, using a well-blended mixture of various textures, shapes, lines and images have surfaced as a huge trend of the current illustration industry.

From highlighting the fun part of the illustration to keeping the design sleek, this trend is soon to become the ruler of illustration realms. It is an illustrative style in which abstraction is pivotal, and the right balance of every element is crucial for making a masterpiece. With the adoption of many tech giants and platforms like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, this trend is sure to stay in the illustration industry for many years to come.

4. Reliving the 90’s:

The influence of retro vintage style on the illustration world has been a great one. The bold use of bright colors, neon color combinations, solid lines and glitch effects, the 90’s illustrative style is all about winning the attention of the audience by introducing a nostalgic feel.

One of the biggest influencers of this trend has been the fashion industry. With a revival of the ’80s and 90’s styles, this trend hits the right emotional chords of a person born and raised in that era. From limited color palettes and monochromatic designs to geometric compositions and abstract patterns and textures, this trend speaks to the hearts of a large group of the targeted audience.

5. Gradients:

Gradients have been one of the most crucial aspects and widely-practiced illustrative method since last year, and considering the global preference, it looks like this trend is not going anywhere. However, this New Year is all about the innovation of existing trends. In 2019 you are most likely to see gradients as an integral aspect of illustration rather than an objective one.

The subtle yet conceptual use of gradients is what will innovate the illustration industry in 2019. This trend is all about combining the effects of the gradient with shapes and silhouetted figurines to give depth and elegance to the flat designs and illustration. Introducing design depth through gradient style is an instant way to add a modern touch and feel to your illustration.



The illustration industry is filled with an extensive and wide-ranging selection of styles and methods. Choosing the right method is all about fading inspiration and enhancing the quality of your work through fresh updates.

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