The 8 Best Online Form Builder Apps In 2019

With the advent of modern technology and better standards, websites are no longer just a source of information for the end-users. Instead, they are communication channels for better and enhanced user experience. Where web design and layout of the website contribute to making a website navigable and easy to use, web forms play a pivotal role in getting input from the potential business prospects and users.

Most of the businesses and websites spend hours on web design to increase user turnaround. What they ignore is the creation of web forms which complement the web design. A complex web form not only hurts user experience and instead, but it is also a significant reason as to why many users switch to another website. A web form is one of the significant mediums which connects you to the potential business prospects.

From providing you with basic and crucial user details and information and getting you organic leads and industrial insights to providing you with authentic and vital customer feedbacks, forms are the gold standards in the building of a highly functional website. Where many modern digital marketers consider web forms as an outdated marketing approach, it still provides you with optimal results and leads.

Attributes of a great form builder app:

Before we jump on to the characteristics of a great form, let start with what exactly is a form builder app. The internet is filled with tons of options and building applications. The way a form-creation app works is what makes it a great tool. A great tool is quite straightforward and simple to use. With zero usability and functionality complexities, a great form building application provides you with better structure and layout options.

Where these apps are the easiest way to create and design contact and sign up forms, the easy to use drag and drop option provides you with an easy way to make survey forms. Form builders are available in every size and shape. Whether you are looking for standalone builders or builder incorporated into spreadsheets or as cutting-edge data processing tools, the form builders make the processes of data collection and response gathering simpler.

The modern tools come with better and innovative features like interactivity and advanced profiling. Below mentioned are some of the telltale traits of a great form builder application and tool:

  • An ultimate form builder app can work on every type and category of website regardless of the platform used to build that website.
  • The app should offer higher design flexibility. From simple contact forms to the complex survey questionnaire, it should be able to create all types and categories of forms.
  • From designing simplicity to better processing and designing speed, a great form builder app should be able to create high-quality forms within minutes.

The top-notch form builder applications:

Now that you know the crucial significance of forms in the website and what to look for in an app builder app. We have created a list of 8 most preferred and widely-used form builder apps that you can use on any platform to create the highest quality forms:

1. Jot form

If higher customizability is what you are looking for in a form building app, then jot form online form builder app is the ideal option for you. The tool allows you to make highly customizable forms without having you to upgrade to a premium plan, unlike other online form builders. The tool even enables you to receive payments and gather signatures in a hassle-free way. To start with Jot Form provides you with more than a couple of thousand templates, ranging from simple contact forms to complex research surveys and registration forms. Available for all types and categories of platforms like Web, iOS and Android, the tool provides you with a wide array of features and dozens of fields and widgets. 

2. Google Form

It is one of the greatest additions in web-based form builder application; Google form builder app is all you need to create the highest standard and powerful forms easily. Available for free, the tool provides you with tons of features like faster editing and adding of fields, advanced analysis feature, dozens of built-in templates and themes, easy add-ons, shareability and collaboration. Consisting of every possible field, from basic checkboxes and buttons to multiple-choice selection and dropdown menus, the tool is all you need to build forms at an incredibly fast speed. Having a spreadsheet integration, you can even leverage the spreadsheets to get the form entries validated. All you need is a Google account to get amazing and highly purposeful forms and surveys.

3. Microsoft Forms

If better data collection and advanced analysis are objectives you want to accomplish through a form builder, then there’s no better option than Microsoft Forms. If you think and like Microsoft Excel better than Google Sheets, then this tool is sure to meet your preferences and requirements. Using this tool is quite simple, all you have to do is to add a question, select the type and format of answer and response option, and you are all set to create a great form. Once you are done with creating your form, you can either send the link of your form or gather the response, or you could use the embed code to add it in your website. It comes free with Microsoft account.

4. Wufoo

If working with a spreadsheet is not one of your strongest skill, then this web-based form building makes up for that. Ideal for making graphical reports and surveys without using the spreadsheets, Wufoo is designed for greater customizability. Where the tool lacks design aesthetics, it allows you to create innovative and unique form designs. One of the greatest feature that this tool has to offer is the report generator which is not only simple to use, but it also offers better form creation features without needing to open or access any spreadsheet. The tool is free to use for one user and offer a reasonably priced starter plan with dozens of forms, uploads and fields.

5. Formstack

If creating a well-composed workflow is your major concern in the hectic and busy routine of regulated business, then Formstack online form builder is all you need to get your schedules and workflow in order. Where it allows easy data management and form building, the tool is equipped with HIPAA and GDPR compliant forms with high data security. The tool consists of pre-built A/B testing tool that lets you compare and evaluate the various version of your forms before you finalize anything.

6. Typeform

An unconventional and innovative tool without any long page and lengthy question and tons of response fields. The tool might not be compatible with all types and categories of forms, but it provides you with innovative ways to use and integrate forms. Through Typeform online form building tool, you can include multimedia and textual cover pages along with form fields. Once you have finalized your form, you can send it across various apps. The tool is available for free and offers a paid pro plan which includes tons of fields and responses. 

7. Paperform

This web-based Paperform Paperform online form builder allows you to create interesting forms which look exactly like your site’s landing page. The tool provides you with features and built-in tools for making forms that are more like a storytelling blog post than a standard list of fields and text boxes. Simply type in the form content, use sub-menus, add visual elements, align the content and add the response and form fields.

8. Formsite

If form data security is what you look for, then, Formsite is all you to encrypt all the high-level data. The tool encrypts all the textual data into different form fields and provides you with pre-built payment features like PayPal. The best part about this tool is that you can reuse all form fields, data and blocks. The tool even allows you to keep different forms linked so that the users don’t have to type in the basic information while filling multiple forms at a time.

Over to you:

Once you have found the right form building app, all you have to do is to sign up there and start building. The options and choices are countless; all you have to do is to come up with a tool with better customization and analysis options. The best tool is the one which not only meets your form needs; rather, it should also meet the purpose and objective of your business.  

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