Top 25 Tools & Apps for the Instagram Post In 2019

Many people and brands on Instagram are facing difficulty in increasing their presence on the platform just because they don’t know the right way. There are some apps and tools with the help of them you can customize your Instagram post so how you can get lots of Instagram likes, views on the Story and lots of engagements.

1. Afterlight 2


Afterlight 2 is one of the best picture editing tools for the Instagram post. The Afterlight 2 offers you lots of filters those are really extraordinary. This application is not actually free you need to pay $2.99 for the subscription. You can fully enjoy it on android operating system but it is limited on IOs.

2. Snapseed


Snapseed is the free professional editing tool, it is the product of the Google but you can also use this tool on the IOs. There are 29 filters and tools in it as well as there are 35 text styles. Before using the snapseed you need to learn about its functionality. 

3. Aviary


If you are looking for a tool for the tool for the professional photo editing in your smartphone then aviary is the best tool to fulfill your needs. Sometimes people are getting annoying because of ads, so if you don’t want ads during work then you can buy their subscription.

4. Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express is the product of the Adobe and it is work like Adobe Photoshop. The photoshop express is the mobile native application, you can use this tool for editing your picture on the advance level. If you want ad free then you need to pay.

5. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is specially developed for the brands. This tool offers many features and elements those are specially used for optimizing the picture according to the brands. The PicMonkey application is available for both Android and IOs users. $5.99 for basic and $9.99 for intermediate.

6. Canva


Canva is considered as the best photo editing tool. In canva you can create eye catchy and likes gaining Instagram posts. Many people after using the canva claiming they are not gaining the likes actually the reason is high competition on the Instagram, for the likes you can buy Instagram likes monthly.

7. Piktochart


The piktochart is the web based application and it is working like a canva. If you love to use graphs, charts and infographics then piktochart is the best option. It is somewhat expensive, the subscription charges are $12.50 per month, if you buy it for a year then you will get a discount.

8. Fotor


Fotor is the best and free photo editing tool for the android and IOs. In this tool you will get just basic features for the photo editing. You will find all features those will definitely help you in making your picture attractive.


VSCO is one of the best picture editing tools used for the Instagram post. In the VSCO tool you will get plenty of features, filters and effects for the picture editing. If you want to access the all and extraordinary features then you need to buy their premium version.

10. InShot


InShot is the oldest and reliable application for the pictures a video editing. InShot was develop for the instagram posts. This tool automatically adjusts the size of the picture and video according the Instagram post size. We recommend you to use the basic version of the InShot before purchasing the premium.

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11. Video Editing studio

Video editing studio

Video editing studio is just available for the IOs. It is the best application for the video editing, you can apply the filters, frames, voice in background and stickers on the video. You can use it for free but for unlocking some extraordinary features you need to buy.

12. Quik by GoPro


Quik by Gopro is the professional video editing tool, it is specially developed for the Go pro Style video editing. If your brand is of high reputation and want high graphical video then Quik by GoPro is the best option. You can use it on IOS, Android and desktop. 

13. Hype Type


Hype Type application is often used for the text animations videos. Sometimes you need a video in which you just want to show text in the animation style there the Hype Type is the best choice.

14. GIPHY Cam


GIPHY Cam is the gifs development application. You can create the gifs according to your desire, you can add effects, filters and text in th3 gif. This application is only used for the gifs. It is available on IOs and Android. 

15. Boomerang 


Boomerang is the official product of the Instagram. In boomerang you create and video of microseconds and then the video will play in the loop. The boomerang just create the mini videos. You can use it on the IOs and Android for free. 

16. Hyperlapse


Hyperlapse is the product of the Instagram. The hyperlapse is the simple application used for recording the lapse video and let you play with your video speed. Hyperlapse is the minimal function app. This application is available only on IOs smartphones and this is the only drawback.

17. Clips


Clip is the video recording and editing application, it is the product of the apple. You can add lots of filters, emojis stickers, background music and frames in the video. This application is only working on IOs operating system but it is free for the iPhone and IPad users.

18. Later


Later is the post scheduling application specifically used for the Instagram. You can add & create high quality content for instagram set the content on the date and time. You can also collect the content via this application. Later is free for one user for company you need to pay $49.

19. Buffer


Buffer is the free post scheduling application used for the content scheduling for the Instagram and other social media applications. The buffer is very costly, it is free for the individual user but if you want to use for the large brand you need to pay $399 per month.

20. Sprout


Sprout is one of the best content scheduling applications. It can manage the uploading content, finding hashtag for the content and monitor the performance of the Instagram post. The basic subscription charges are $99 per user. You can use it on IOS and Android.

21. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is also the best content scheduling tool. It supports the Instagram and other famous social media platforms. The charges of this tool are $129 per month for 3 users. The 3 users can manage the twenty profiles.

22. Plann


Plann is the Instagram post scheduling tool, that works on the IOs and Android. You can schedule the posts as well as you can manage the Instagram stories, Instagram story is the way for increasing the engagements if you have lots of views, for views either you have huge following or you can buy views from

23. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a tool for Instagram and Facebook analytics, It monitors the each information like impression, reaches, clicks, likes, comments and shares. The Iconosquare provides the real time information. The cost of this tool is $29 per month.

24. Hootsuite Analytics


Hootsuite is the scheduling and performance analysis application. You can monitor the performance of the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. This tool is available for desktop, android and IOs. The monthly charges are $129 which is expensive as compared to others.

25. Command

Command is the tool for the Instagram that helps you to grow your Instagram account presence and engagements. It is used for competitor analysis and hashtag analysis. You can use it desktop and IOs. The subscription charges are $10 per month.

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