How video games can help in your child’s development

When it comes to introducing media to children at an early age, it often pays to be cautious. During this sensitive period in their lives, children are really influenced by everything they are subjected to, and it’s up to the parents to select the material responsibly. Video games are one such medium that can become quite detrimental if unsupervised – but if you are responsible in how you expose your children to them, they stand do gain a lot of very useful skills.

They teach problem-solving skills

Many games require more than simple button-mashing in order to make meaningful progress. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, have you traverse through the vast open fields and navigate various puzzles using the tools you have available at hand. By engaging your child in resource management along with thinking logically about what they have to do, you help them develop crucial problem-solving skills that will become really useful later on in life.

Other games, particularly those of the RPG genre, will test their negotiation skills, teaching them that sometimes problem-solving also involves convincing other people to do something. This ties into the next benefit that comes with video games.

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They help them socialize

Though online games are better suited for the older crowd, they are one of the best ways to teach socialization by going on quests together with other people. By being forced to cooperate in order to reach a mutual goal, kids can learn how to be a team player.

Though you may attempt to make your child’s time in the world of online games easier by purchasing LoL leveled accounts, for example, online games intrinsically come with some stranger danger, so perhaps it’s better to limit gaming-related socialization to real life. Let your kid’s friends come over for a round of Mario Party or other party games and see how their relationships blossom. Even without multiplayer, gaming can serve as a meaningful catalyst to socialization – many boys and girls spend time at school talking about the latest games they’ve been playing.

They get them interested in world history and culture

Games like Civilization take great inspiration from world history, but even much less history-centric games can serve as a starting point for your kid’s growing interest in culture. many games take inspiration from myth and legend from around the world. This allows your kids to keep their minds open and get interested in different worldviews and cultures.

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They teach them how to be competitive in a healthy way

We often associate competitiveness with some amount of toxicity, but as children enjoy video games in a mostly casual way, it’s actually the perfect area to teach them about healthy competition. Of course, if you just let your kids challenge each other without any supervision, that is just asking for trouble, but if you take the time to process all of their wins and losses with them and help them express their feelings in a controlled manner, they should benefit greatly from that.

They let them take control

In real life, children don’t really get to make a lot of decisions. While this helps us adults keep them out of harm’s way, it impairs them slightly, leaving them unprepared to take control later on in life. With video games, they have the freedom to make decisions and explore the way they see fit in a controlled environment, teaching them both the joys as well as the responsibilities connected to direct control.

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