Hosted E-Mails – What are the Benefits?

You need a mail server to send and receive e-mail. This stores messages temporarily, until they can be delivered to your mailbox or those of your addressee. Setting up and managing your own mail server requires a great deal of knowledge, not to mention the investment in servers and software licenses. There are service providers who takes over these tasks and ensures that you can continue to count on the arrival of those important e-mails (with orders) without investment and without worries.

What is Hosted E-Mail?

Hosted e-Mail is an e-mail service based on Hosted Microsoft Exchange. The advantage is that you can easily share your e-mail, agenda and contacts with colleagues or friends. In addition, this service contains very user-friendly web mail (Microsoft Outlook Web-access) and spacious mailboxes. It is of course also possible to use outlook.

Benefits of Hosted Email Services.

There are several benefits of hosted email services, below are the most common reasons why you should switch to mail hosting service.

1. Professional image with company e-mail

The most important point of a business e-mail address is the professional appearance. During network meetings or in various self-employed groups I still come across entrepreneurs without company e-mail. They still use @zonnet, @hotmail or @gmail account for their e-mails. There is of course nothing wrong with this, but a professional email address creates a positive picture of your company.

2. No investment in your own mail server

Setting up a mail server requires a lot of investment: a server and software must be purchased and employees must be trained to maintain the mail server. In addition, there are many tasks that are needed every day to ensure that the server works optimally and to keep your data safe. There are companies who offer secure email hosting services that does not require a large investment and maintenance. You just get the most benefit from the scale of your service provider paying him a low monthly contribution fee for what you use effectively.

3. Email Hosting is Secure

You will be surprised to know, a recent survey shows that 80% of the company data is in the e-mail system. Orders, agreements with suppliers and customers, quotes are some examples of business-critical information that often passes through e-mail. With hosted email services you get advanced anti-virus and anti-spam filtering on all incoming and outbound SMTP emails. Even Malicious link URL protection and phishing guard gives extra shield to keep you and your business contacts protected. A daily backup of the data is also possible on the mail servers. This way the information is protected against loss.

4. No more loss of emails

We understands that e-mail is of vital importance for the organization of its customers. That is why it is most important for a business to ensure that no e-mail is lost. Mostly local email providers always offer very limited storage space. Some email service providers automatically clear your e-mail after a certain period. If you change your email providers, you have lost the e-mail address. Backup mail servers are always available in hosted email solutions. This extra space makes it easier for you to sort all important information into folders under your inbox. So you never lose your e-mails.

5. Access anywhere with Microsoft exchange online 

Your mail system contains the most important information that you work with on a daily basis. It must therefore be available to the maximum. You will see the more you engage in entrepreneurship, the more you communicate via telephone and email. One of the additional benefits of hosted e-mail services is that your e-mail is available at all times on any device that you use. This gives you the professional image for your company and everything is transparent at all times.

As you can see, Microsoft Exchange or hosted email services offers the most benefits for good collaboration within your company. What about things like backups and security? If you purchase a Hosted Exchange, you don’t have to worry about that. Your hosted email provider will arrange all these matters for you! When you purchase a Hosted Exchange account you not only receive a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account. But daily backups, excellent security and more additional user or more storage space is a plus.

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