Easy Steps to Unlock Apple iPhone 11 (Ultimate Guide)

Getting the latest model of mobile phone with SIM-locked option from the agent or any other third party at a less price is not a bad option. As you can now look for the unlocking process and get your SIM-locked for a lifetime and further, if you want, you can sell it at a great cost.

Further, if you want to know about unlocking costs and the process, then you must have to look around to various unlocking companies that are offering trustworthy services. The reason behind this is every company has its own cost of unlocking your SIM depending upon the requirements and network operators.

Unlock Apple iPhone 11 is almost reasonable as you can have a phone at a much lower cost. All you have to perform some extra tasks, i.e. unlocking your SIM by hiring unlocking companies.

The efforts that you will perform on your end will be easy as you don’t need to step out of your home. All you need is to perform some steps with your phone to get is unlocked.

Unlocking Benefits

Unlocking your Apple iPhone 11 has various benefits that you can take advantage of. Here, we have tried to explain a few of them:

  • You will get the freedom to use your phone with any network carrier operator that you want to use. 
  • Your phone will have a  higher resale value whenever you want to sell it.
  • You don’t need to pay the most expensive roaming fees when you are traveling abroad.

How to know you have brought a SIM-locked phone?

To know a phone is locked is easy and simple as if you try to use another network carrier operator as you want to try another company then you cannot use it. Your phone will only work with one network operator. And if you will try to replace the SIM, you will get the message of unlocking. 

At that point in time, it great to look for the unlocking companies that can help you out with this mess. The company will charge you an affordable price, and the process must be done only once, and you will get your phone back like normal phones.

Are the unlocking companies worth trusting?

If you have a doubt in your mind regarding the unlocking companies, then you must know that there are various unlocking companies online that are offering the best unlocking services at a reasonable cost. You can check their reviews online or ask about their reviews from your friends and family. As you might find people, who have trusted the company to get their phone unlocked.

How to know about Unlocking Apple iPhone 11 process?

To look for the unlocking process, you first need to finalize the company and check the instruction given by them. Mainly when you look for the Unlock Apple iPhone 11 company, they want a few information from your end regarding your mobile phone and network operator you are using. 

But first, you must look for whether your phone requires unlocking or not? 

To know your Apple iPhone 11, require unlocking or not? It would be best if you bought a SIM that must be of another network operator, not the one you are using on your Apple iPhone 11. Once you brought the SIM, you need to switch off your phone, insert the sim card and look for the message, and if the unlocking message displays on the screen, it means you need to Unlock Apple iPhone 11.

Unlocking Apple iPhone 11 process

To Unlock Apple iPhone 11 you need to share a few important information with your trusted unlocking company.

The information includes:

  • 15 digits unique IMEI number, of your phone. If you don’t know how to get the IMEI number you can dial *#06# on your Apple iPhone 11 and note it down somewhere. This number is always unique for all mobile phones.
  • After this, you also need to send them your current network operator information that you are using on your phone, phone model, and the current country name where you are residing. It must not be the one where you are for work or vacation.

Once you send all the information to the unlocking company, you will receive a mail on your mail-id. Your mail-id will be the one which you have sent at the time of registration. 

Once the order has been placed, you will first receive a confirmation email, and after this a few minutes or days later you will receive an unlock code that is of 8 or 16 digits and guidelines on how to enter the code on your phone

How to use the unlock code sent on mail?

Once you have received the mail, you just need to switch off the phone insert the SIM on your phone. The must be the one that you have used to test whether your phone requires unlocking or not, or you can also buy a SIM of another network operator. Once you insert SIM, your phone will display a message, i.e. “Enter unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code.” Once you enter the code, your phone will get unlocked for a lifetime. 

What if you do not get the message of unlock code or stuck in the process?

If this type of situation occurs that you are not getting what to do next or waiting for the unlocking message after inserting the SIM on your Apple iPhone 11, then don’t worry. Give your all worriers to the company as the customer support services are there to help you with the issue that you are facing. They will help you and resolve all your concerns regarding your phone. 

If you are facing any problem with the unlock code, they will help you out in getting the right unlock code. Trust the process and get your iPhone unlocked at a reasonable price.

Wrapping up:

Technology has made it possible to invent the best solution in any industry, and unlocking code for the SIM-locked phones is the one. You can now trust the process and get your phone unlocked for a lifetime. The time usually depends upon the company to company but normally it takes between a few minutes and 2 days. 

Further, you also get the money-back guarantee if your phone is not working with the code. What else is great then buying a new model at quite a low price and further unlock it to enjoy the services of other network carriers whenever you want to. All is, you need to put some extra efforts to look for the unlocking companies and get your phone SIM-unlocked. 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01BtrsWekBY

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