Comparison of all New MacBook Pro – Price & Specs Review

The last updated for Apple’s 12in was in June 2017. But yes, MacBook Air was updated even after that while leaving MacBook behind. Most users worry about the cute-slim laptop because there is a constant fear that Apple might not consider it at all because they focus more on the MacBook Air. If you haven’t heard, there is a rumor spreading about 12in MacBook- 2019 version. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading. 

Details on the release date 

Not only 12in MacBook and MacBook Pro of 2020 is rumored around the world. Before you Sell your MacBook on this site, you have to make sure the details rumored because you shouldn’t regret later. The most significant rumor relating to MacBook new model is that it will have both macOS and iOS running on the device. You can find more details about it pretty quickly. How can you find the release date of the New MacBook?¬†along with new macbook cases

The MacBook was updated two years back, and a particular update is a long overdue. Even though Apple could have updated the slim notebooks without any fanfare, it still chooses to update at events. This is similar to the scenario that happened in May 2019 in which MacBook Pro was updated. But there are chances that upgrades may happen soon as the Eurasian Economic Commission database consists of new portable computers. 

The economic treaty was between Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. 

The products that are registered include the code names as A2147, A2141, A2159, A2158, A2179, A2251, and A2182. These are the portable computers that we mentioned above. However, these consist of different colors, such as Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. Also, storage has been taken into consideration. Meanwhile, there are speculations regarding another new product to overpower the current products. Well, speculation may go wrong too. 

If you are interested in old models, you will get different discounts that can cut your cost up to some extent.  

Details on the price 

What else do you know about the new product? Apple doesn’t change prices that easily as per the generations. But it will focus on the price if the upgrade is huge. So you have to be mindful about it. During the last update, the prices did not change, and it remained the same. Heavy competition is with 2018 MacBook Air, and the price is $1,199. The 2017 MacBook vary from $1,299- 1,599. The prices differ based on storage, features, and more. 
Anyway, based on the competition, the prices may decrease in certain products. You must remember that the price for the MacBook was never low and it always remained high. So if you are planning to buy the New MacBook 2019, you have to prepare yourself to handle the cost. It will not be cheap, so you have to collect money or find an option to purchase it. Meanwhile, you can find an option to Sell the MacBook that you own right now. Whatsoever, you must not hurry into decision making. 

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