10 Best Gadgets to Help with Work Productivity

Gadgets to Make Office Life Easier

Work can be fun. Okay, before you protest, hear me out first! It is a fact that you spend most of your weekdays at work. Though it is stressful and tiring in your office, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it more enjoyable, right? After all, low morale at work can deter productivity as well.

Wondering how you can make the dreaded office hours all fun and productive? Then let me help you. I’ve handpicked 10 Best Gadgets in 2019 to Help with Work Productivity. This will help in getting charged with energy, so you are sure to have pleasant working experience. Are you still here? Great, then read on!

1. Saent 

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Figure 1 – ©Saent

Saent, is one of the crowd favorites in the productivity tool department. This gadget is divided into two parts, the physical button and an app. that blocks distracting online sites and apps.

This tool is useful if you get easily distracted during work hours. The button will also act as your visual reminder to stay focus, while the app blocks all things that can sidetrack you, like social media sites.

By putting your PC on virtual lockdown, you are sure to finish a task within a stipulated time. Saent is capable of generating reports to help you analyze your productivity and work patterns.

2. Omars AC Power Bank

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Figure 2 – ©Omars

We are living in the age of technology now. Unfortunately, the battery life of our gadgets fails to match our busy lifestyle. Dead battery in the middle of an out of town conference or breakfast meeting can be stressful. After all, we can’t always count on the fact that there is a plug available at our disposal.

That is why investing in a power bank is in line for a busy person such as yourself. The Omars AC DC Power Pack is an excellent pick, as it boasts a 40200mAh capacity. To put it simply, this power bank is robust enough to charge your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop. 

3. Yo-Yo mini Standing Desk

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Figure 3 – ©Yo-Yo Desk

Sitting all day is devastating to your health. Sadly, we can’t help it as the majority of our time in the office is spent sitting. Though we can’t avoid it 100%, we can still do something to reduce it.

The Yo-Yo mini Standing Desk is ideal for busy office workers who want to take a break from sitting all day long. It is portable and easy to set up, so using it is fuss-free. Now you don’t have the excuse to sit around all day, stretch your legs and back and start working the healthy way!

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Figure 4 – ©Cnet

Sometimes having a small bubble to ourselves for a few minutes is what we need to combat burn out. This is especially true after a stressful meeting or a hard morning. This is where the soothing melody of music is very much welcome. However, you can’t just pop in your relaxing playlist over the company’s speaker. 

Don’t fret, as there are ways to enjoy safety, a music barrier can give you. The Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise-Cancelling Headphones aside from offering an excellent audio performance is also one of the best-in-class when in terms of noise cancellations. Now you can enjoy your private bubble without interruptions.

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5. Bamboo Folio

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Figure 5 – ©BHPhotoVideo

Though the day of pen and paper is not so popular nowadays, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on scribbling. The Wacom Bamboo Folio is a simple yet reliable solution for digitizing your paper notes and doodles.

Sadly, it is a bit expensive, but this device can help you a lot when you love taking notes the traditional way. It is also very convenient when scribbling notes during meetings.

6. Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile router

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Figure 6 – ©Netgear

Everything is digitized nowadays, from communication down to storing files over the cloud. That is why working from anywhere, wherever, whenever it is easier than ever. However, holding a mobile office means that you should always have the means to be online.

Traveling a lot for business can be quite taxing to your data usage, that is why a portable Wi-Fi is a better solution. The NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 can help you in staying connected. It can support up to 20 devices at the same time so you can offer Wi-Fi to your colleagues. It also provides a dual-band Wi-Fi from LTE Bands. Now you can be sure to stay connected everywhere you go.

7. Doxie Go

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Figure 7 – ©GetDoxie

Having a cluttered workspace is counterproductive. It is always a wise choice in being conscious of saving space. However, with tons of paperwork that need to be sorted that need all kinds of gadgets, it hard to keep the area uncluttered. 

Thankfully the Doxie Go SE, a portable scanner, is a space saver. This device can scan your documents and receipts and send them immediately to your computer or if you want to a cloud service. Being compact, you can easily bring it anywhere. The rechargeable battery is robust enough to cater to 400 scans per charge.

8. The Beam Smart Projector

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Figure 8 – ©Amazon

Impromptu meeting and presentation can be a hassle. But not if you are always prepared. The Beam Smart Projector will transform any surface into a screen. Just hook it in a light socket or via the included power cable, and you are done. 

The projector can be controlled using the Beam Remote app. Now you can project your screen anytime, anywhere. Quite handy during meetings. Though if you have a limited budget, you might wanna look at some of the best projectors under $200.

9. Fidgi Pen

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Figure 9 – ©Kickstarter

Fidgeting is something almost everybody is guilty of. Most of us like to mindlessly fidget while we are in a meeting or thinking about a stressful situation. Don’t worry, as this is entirely normal. Research reveals that fidgeting improves attentiveness and relaxation. This especially true during stressful situations or monotonous tasks. 

The Fidgi Pen proposes a sensible answer for your fidgeting tendencies. Masked as an ordinary pen, you can take it to your next not-so-exciting meeting without anyone noticing.

10. ButterflyVPN

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Figure 10 – ©PCWorld

In this age of technology, cybersecurity should be taken seriously. If you like working outside and connecting to a public Wi-Fi, you never know who is seeking a peek at your data. Always keep safety a priority.

The ButterflyVPN is a USB device that offers a safe internet browsing experience wherever you are. By using this device, you can transform any public connection with a secure virtual private network. Now you can be sure that all data are encrypted, and you are shielded from annoying pop-up ads. Just plug it in and enjoy a secure and stable internet with a peace of mind.

11. Wrap Up

Sometimes we are always feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. That is why having gadgets to help alleviate these concerns has a direct effect on productivity. After all, being organized is the key to an enjoyable and more relaxed workday.

With all the latest gadgets and gizmos surrounding us, it is natural for us to turn to them for help. Technology is there to aid us, why not take full advantage of it?

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