How to troubleshoot Asus outer?

Few Common Problems with Asus router

These are the most common pop up that you can see on your screen:

  • Asus router setup problem
  • The wireless router is no longer secure
  • Asus Router is blinking orange
  • Everything is connected but no internet
  • You need to reset the password in your Asus router etc.

asus Router Basic Troubleshooting- 

  • First, restart the Asus router and let it cool down for 4-5 minutes so that the firmware holds itself intact.
  • Now restart the Modem simultaneously and check for improvement.
  • Now rest the router to change the settings and solve the problem.

To Know Fix Moe complex issues in asus router you need to Login asus Router 

to Log into the asus router setup page we are Required to have few Information such as 

Asus Router Login – 

  1. How to login to Asus wireless Router

asus Router default ip which is Mostly or

Step 1- connect the computer & router with Each Other using a cable

Step 2: Open the browser and in the address box type 

Step 3: Now type your username and password. 


Username = admin   , password = admin

Username = admin   , password = password

Username = admin   , password = blank

STEP 4:  after logging in you will find there is a settings option. Click it.

STEP 5: now you can see the option to reset the router. This will also delete all your previous settings.

in case if you are failed to Login Please Reset the asus router using the reset key.

Setup asus Router – 

1.  Make sure that all the cables are ready to plug in. The computer and the router must be on. Make sure all the cables are inserted into the router and computer and the system is on.

2. Scroll down to the configuration page, then click [GO]

3.  Now type your new password twice and then click [Next].

4.  The device will automatically detect the available network connection nd it will connect automatically.

5. Now enter the PPPoE, Username and the Password given by ISP.

6.  Now enter the network name (SSID) and network key for your wireless router.

7. Then click the [Apply] button and proceed.

8.  Then Click [Next].

9.  Now enter the username and password on the login page, and then click [Log In].

10. You are done. Now you can browse the internet with full speed.

How to bring back my router to the default settings? (Process 2)

Go to the administrative page of your pc and then Click [Administration]. Now:

  1. Click [Restore/Save/Upload Setting] tab ;
  2. Click “Reestablish” in [Factory default]
  3. Click [OK]. And the settings will get restored.

Note: Use Reset button. There is a Reset button at the back of the Router. At the point when the gadget is on, press the Reset button for around 5 seconds until the Power LED begins blazing and then the settings will get set to default.


These aware a few quick tips you can follow to fix your asus router. Remember to use them whenever the above mentioned pop ups appear. These will help you to fix down any problem of your asus router.

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