Top Best Free Keyloggers Software for Windows [Reviewed]

Keystroke loggers or keyloggers are monitoring tools usually used in offices (with certain restrictions). This allows the system admin to keep track or log each key a user hits on their keyboard. This software can capture everything including personal messages, programs and applications, password activation, and all other activities. Users may find it difficult to detect as they run incognito. 

There are now several versions of keyloggers available. While you can still get them in a hardware format, the software-based keyloggers are still the most popular option.

Is it Legal to Use them? 

Activating keyloggers is legal, especially in a corporate setup. In some companies, this is part of the employee’s contract. They install this device to oversee the use of their computers. It helps them monitor each staff’s productivity. Some keyloggers have automated notification features, which is also common in an office setup. With this option, the system admin gets flagged for restricted activities such as using Social Media or playing online games during work hours. 

Even parents today are using keyloggers to maximize security of their children when using browsing the net or using Social Media, which is a legitimate concern due to the rising number of scamming, hacking, and online predators. In addition, they can also be helpful in understanding human-technology interaction.

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The keystroke logger can cost around $39 to $80. The rates may vary depending on the comprehensive function level, subscription packages, brand or model, and your OS. 

On the other hand, there are also free versions of keyloggers you can download online. If you’re still new to this tool, we have gathered some of the top free keyloggers for windows below: 

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1. Spyrix Free Keylogger 

While the Spyrix premium package is one of the most comprehensive Free Keylogger, the free version still offers several useful features. In fact, many IT experts and tech savvies highly recommend this as it includes full remote cloud monitoring for free. This means there’s no need to download the files to your PC as you can monitor the logs remotely. 

Apart from recording the keystrokes, it can also save screenshots of all active windows. You can view these records using a secured web account from their cloud network. 

Other perks offered by their free version are sending daily to monthly reports and password protection. Just like other keystroke logger software, the Spyrix runs full incognito. The interface is also easy to navigate, and the installation process is fast and simple.  

2. Kidinspector 

As the name implies, the Kidinspector for windows is a keylogger software specifically designed for parents who want to secure their child’s activities on smart devices and computers. 

KidInspector is one of the rising brands today. It started out as a classic monitoring tool, and now offering quite a number of advanced features. This includes saving screenshots of active windows, recording visited websites, and search queries, chatting logs in various social networking sites and messengers, screen real time broadcast, voice and video recording, any many more. 

Another good feature that can be useful for parents is they can control the Internet usage for each device. You can restrict certain websites by category, keywords, or URL. 

You can access all log files using their online account, which means you can review them anytime or anywhere you want. There are also compatible versions for Android, iOs, MacOS, and windows.

4. Actual Keylogger 

The Actual Keylogger for windows is one of the pioneer brands, and still one of the most popular due to its good reputation. Many subscribers and IT experts prefer this software as it also runs full incognito. This means even the tech-savvy employees or users will have a hard time detecting it. 

With Actual Keylogger, you can see which programs or apps were running, the websites visited, records, clipboards, and screenshot activities. You can also encrypt passwords for all log files accessible using hotkeys (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F7). 

5. REFOG’s Free Version

Aside from the basic monitoring features, the REFOG’s Free Version also offers a user-friendly interface with simple and easy installation process. It can document everything typed in all windows including passwords, and captures screenshots. The REFOG can also save logs of chat messages, browsing activities, launched programs and apps, voice conversations, logon and logoff events, and idle times. 

The only downside of this software is it doesn’t include remote reporting, and it doesn’t run full incognito as the users can see the activation icon. However, this is still the best option for business owners who want to remind employees about the company’s policy regarding the proper usage of the Internet or Social Media during office hours. 

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 6. Revealer Keylogger Free 

This keylogger software may not have some of the advanced features, but it’s still a useful monitoring tool for homes and offices. It can capture text, passwords, and conversations from several apps or programs such as Facebook, Skype, and MSN. 

You can also set passwords to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing it. The good thing about this app is it may run full incognito, and is not visible in either the Add/Remove Programs or the desktop’s taskbar. 

In addition, you can maximize security via automated log clean-ups, and does not slow down the computer while running the program. Today, Revealer Keylogger is still one of the most popular brands on CNET. This only shows that many people are still satisfied with its performance. 

These are just some of the recommended keyloggers by IT experts and tech junkies. Other brands you should check out are Simple Python Keylogger, DanuSoft, and Keylogger. 
If you’re planning to download a monitoring software online, make sure to check your antivirus and antimalware programs for safety precautions.

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