Top 5 B2B E-Commerce Platforms for your Import/Export Businesses

The tech world has evolved incredible and it has entirely reshaped the manner in which businesses operate. Today when it comes to shopping mostly every customer prefers the various online sources that are available. The reason to opt for these B2B e-commerce platforms is due to the vast facilitation and convenience they provide to their customers.

The competition between these B2B e-commerce platforms has grown extensively. As a result, they have been affecting the demand and supply dynamics significantly.  The transformation has given businesses a new larger medium to grow especially in the industry of Import and Export. Indeed they have benefited from B2B e-commerce platforms for import/export business greatly.

B2B e-commerce platforms for import/export business facility their customers phenomenally by providing to enable trade across the globe. Even though B2B platforms are nothing new and have been trending for quite some now but today they are various improvisations and developments that have been made. They have much more advanced features added than ever before due to which they are used more actively than in previous years.  

Aspects such have been added to the B2B e-commerce platforms for import/export businesses that have made their entire operations much easier. Helping them to take part in trading activities with convenience via these B2B e-commerce platforms. Eliminating the need for business personals to travel to various parts of the world to make a deal since these B2B websites for import/export business instead assist to handle each perspective without having to invest in the journey.

Due to the immense influence of B2B e-commerce platforms for import/export business, it had been hugely interested in the industry and growth. A major reason why I invested in in-depth research and analysis on the industry to track the 5 best B2B e-commerce platforms for import/ export businesses to ideally associate with. According to the market preference and based on their popularity the list below has been compiled of the trending top 5 B2B e-commerce platforms.

1. eWorldTrade

Currently, eWorldTrade has an amazing market strategy as it is considered to be the fastest-growing network. In comparison to the other B2B portals, eWorldTrade has been relatively new in the industry. Which in no way has resulted as a negative for it the B2B platform instead, the industry of import and export businesses have taken a greater interest in eWorldTrade as a prominent B2B e-commerce platform for import/export businesses.

As a result which has acted out to its advantage to grow and achieve a notable reputation in the market amongst numerous import/export entities that reside around the world. eWorldTrade is a leading B2B platform that has the highest clientele of importers and exporters but yet it intends to attract even more of them especially Chinses manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers to exist on their website.

At present, approximately thousands of exporters and importers from various countries register on eWorldTrade on a daily bases to take the part in inconvenience and reliable trading practices. On numerous rankings of the best B2B marketplaces, you will find eWorldTrade as a prime platform being endorsed since day by day its popularity on an overall scale is rising other than amongst importers and exporters. The B2B websites for import/export businesses have demonstrated to be a rewarding service provider for various businesses to enhance the scale of globalization.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is a prominent and popular Chinese B2B e-commerce platform for import/export business that is situated in Hangzhou. The platform is a leading e-commerce website that offers facilitation to local and international business groups that include importers/ exporters, consumer sales, retailers and many others. It a major preference between exporters and exporters regardless of the origin of the companies.

Alibaba caters to wide-ranging quality deliverance especially as it has many importers and exporters associated with them due to which they operate accordingly to even provide easy online payment services and even search engine to compare goods that are available on Alibaba’s portal. It is timely able to deliver and receive orders from importers and exporters via their operating route that is through the Mainland, China.

Intriguingly, an Economist estimated that the consortium was valued to be between $55-120 billion. The company even achieved a revenue of approximately $7.5 billion with a strength of 22,000 employees at the end of the year 2014. Due to the growth as a leading B2B website for import/export business, Alibaba was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since it is continuing to serve as a pioneer amongst the B2B platforms.

3. ExportHub

ExportHub is considered the 3rd most internationally acclaimed B2B e-commerce platform for import/export businesses. As a popular online marketplace, it operates to connect several buyers and sellers that are found around the world all under a single platform. ExportHub is aimed to excel even more since it reserves a wealthy amount of knowledge, tools and even professionalism that is being implanted to their website to provide a better experience.

ExportHub provides exclusive services to both their importing and exporting customers such as providing flexible payment plans as per their feasibility. The other services vary in terms of the different kind of order or trait that is required. ExportHub, as a featured B2B e-commerce platform for import/export businesses, provide packages to their collaborating customers.

The aspect that makes EportHub exclusively variant and attractive to the exporters and importers in comparison to the others is the fact that it provides the importance to each of its suppliers and buyers. This ensures that customers would invest by taking part in the platform even further. ExportHub assists customers by providing the facility to merge accounts of those dealers who provide efficient services to their customers.

4. TradeKey

TradeKey is a B2B website for import/export businesses that are located in South Asia. Though the platform operates internationally with its major customers that exist in India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Taiwan. It has been flourishing from the time of its inception. TradeKey has variant prime features to aid exporters and importers that join their portal.

TradeKey is one of those B2B websites for import/export businesses that provide 2 highlighting services for its customers the first is to purchase the entire bulk through a single payment as most customers that come on the website are oriented towards a particular product or service. Once the product is purchased the exporter or importer can directly contact the client ahead for further association.

The second essential facility it provides is on the website for the customers that visit it. They are a huge bulk load of products available to choose from and with few simple inputs to search the exporter or importer that will agree to fulfill the requirement of the client on the bases of a nominal fee that will be applied. Since it has its customers well covered it is considered as an advanced B2B e-commerce platform for import/export businesses.

5. GlobalSources

GlobalSources is one of the very first B2B e-commerce platforms for import/export businesses which was founded during the year 1996. It has continued to be a famous medium to trade internationally from China all over the world. It is said to be an interesting online marketplace where numerous importers/exporters, distributors, and suppliers exist to take part in trading activities.

GlobalSource as a B2B e-commerce platform for import/export businesses as they implement unique and smart market strategies to engage the attention of international traders. They are consistently developing their market tactics to address higher sourcing exports, online imports, promoting their advance and new production lines as an effective and efficient campaign to one of the leading B2B platforms.

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