Best User-generated content Platforms 2020

Straight away jumping to the point, it’s important to know what User-Generated Content Platforms are. You have been hearing the word user-generated content (UGC) used as the biggest marketing strategy by marketers, social media managers and alike these days. 

The question is how user-generated content is made or come into being? Through hashtags, mentions, usernames, tags and such. How is it possible for any brand to make the best use of UGC? How wonderful it would be if all the relevant UGC could be collected at a place for it to display! Well, this is made possible and that actually User-Generated Content Platforms are. 

User Generated content platforms aggregate and curate the social media feed from various social media platforms and presents UGC in a condensed form in a way to prove fruitful for the brand. It acts as a visual brand storytelling and makes social media feed an important ingredient in marketing.

Using these platforms is as easy as ABC. They don’t require prior coding experience. Everything is set out for you in a platter for making use of it. 

Things to Look Upon

Here are some of the things to look upon before choosing a User Generated Content Platform for your business. Some of the considerations include:

1. Price

There are generally three plans when it comes to pricing of UGC platforms, namely

  • Free service/ Basic plan: this plan should be considered if you are a new user and want to know the feasibility of the software. It also offers a pay per campaign plan so that you don’t have to keep paying even if you are inactive. It limits the number of campaigns to a specific number, has fewer features and also basic analytics features. 
  • Small to medium business: it works for a limited number of sales, followers and other cap considerations but may contain the use of unlimited campaigns.
  • Enterprise: it includes most of the advanced features not found in the above two. This is only economical if you run a large number of simultaneously or if you are an organization helping out brands in the same. 

It’s always economical to choose plans which can be customized, provides discounts and offer monthly and yearly plans. Know your company goals well before buying one.

2. Features

Some of the features to look for in UGC platforms should be 

  • aggregation (should support compilation of social media feed from nearly all platforms), 
  • should be able to embed the UGC on display screens, digital signages and such
  • publishing (should enable to post the content back to social media by scheduling posts or such)
  • Analytics (should support tracking of performance and generates reports for the same)

3. Easy to use

Certain factors that test the suitability of a UGC platform includes 

  • Free trial: free trial or a demo helps in testing how easily it can be used and if your team members will be able to use them without extra efforts 
  • Coding free: an easy to use platform will not require any coding knowledge and just need you to follow a series of steps 

4. Customization

It’s an important feature to look for so that the social media feed curated provides an attractive visual appeal. These platform uses API integration to customize the data. Some of the platforms make it easy to customize it throughout on your own while some require the help of the developer to change the look.

Also, make sure to check out the support page of the platform and the integrability of the platform with other applications before making your final decision. Check the time when the support team is available, from what time zone they work, the different support plans they offer etc. Security is another matter to look upon, check out the security policies, look for any hack or data breach information within the platform, do they adhere to secure file upload best practices before fixing the deal. 

20 best User Generated Content Platforms

1. TurnTo

Turnto is known for collecting best UGC from its four innovative applications namely rating and reviews ( finds the top rating and reviews and makes them visible), Community Q&A (provides answers from experts, knowledgebase, fans and brands to every query posted online), visual reviews and checkout comments (provides micro-reviews at the checkout) .


Known for creating customized social walls that can be embedded on websites, events, hotels and at any social gathering by gathering social media feed from various platforms.

3. Photoslurp

Photoslurp works at maximizing the profits of e-commerce businesses. It collects photos and visuals of customers using your products posted over various social media platforms. It curates and aggregates all such posts to create a social wall.

4. Taggbox

Taggbox is another easy to use with an attractive interface that lets you convert raw social media feed into relevant UGC, moderates and filters the content and present it over social walls at events, weddings, social ads, meetings etc. 

5. CrowdSpark

CrowdSpark is a one-stop solution for brands and business to generate leads, build relationships and gain new clients by amplifying the effect of user-generated content.

6. Foursixty

This platform curates content only from Instagram. It collects the shoppable posts from Instagram and presents it over your product pages in the form of Instagram galleries. This influences buyer decisions and increases conversion rates at large.

7. Hashtagio

Hashtagio is another top-rated social media aggregator tool and User Generated Content Platform that uses social media feed to generate leads and sales.

8. Social board

Social media is perfect for starters to curate social media feed as a result of organizing hashtag campaigns. It collects, curates and displays hashtag feed from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

9. CrowdRiff

CrowdRiff is a popular visual marketing platform among travel and tourism business as it enables them to collect and curate the best travel photos created by users linked with their business at one place. Lets you organize successful marketing campaigns and provides analytics feature too.

10. Stackla

Stackla is full of advanced features a UGC platform should have. It makes your visuals compelling by discovering it from over 25 or more social media platforms. Publish them over various channels seamlessly after seeking customer content permission. This AI-powered platform does a lot more than just this.

11. TINT by filestack

Giving a human form to marketing to prove the brand’s authenticity and reliability, Tint is a robust platform that collects customer content and displays it at websites, emails, digital screens, jumbotrons and social ads. 

12. Pixlee

Pixlee is a UGC and influencer marketing platform discovers best customer stories of your business around various social media platforms and helps in converting new customers with authentic and relevant content. It also takes the help of AI to showcase the best content across all customer touchpoints. 

13. Tagboard

With huge clientele, Tagboard is among the best UGC platforms to convert your customer content on social media feed and share it with the audience and them in taking better buying decisions.

14. ViralSweep

ViralSweep is a viral marketing platform that has tools which help in growing brand’s email list, collects UGC from organizing contests, helps in finding giveaway winners and award fans instantly with prizes, collects hashtag UGC, build networks, build email forms and much more. It also integrates with various service providers.

15. New Spark

New Spark Media is yet another all in one solution for brands for handling the UGC at a large scale securely. 

16. ShortStack

This digital marketing platform has some promising features to increase engagement and sales of your business. It makes landing pages that are mobile-friendly and responsive, helps in organizing contests and campaigns successfully, makes quizzes and polls relevant, builds forms, automatized email responses and follow up and embed campaign UGC on the website as display or popups. 

17. Yotpo

Yotpo is for all e-commerce businesses out there who look for increasing sales and conversion rates. Yotpo helps in leveraging social proof, provide better customer feedback with its visual marketing tactics, loyalty, referrals and managing customer reviews. Google and Facebook are proud partners of Yotpo.

18. Libris

Social media requires timely updates to keep customers engaged and interested. Libris is known for empowering the creative agility and creates visual storytelling and help team members to share photos and videos instantly through effortless sharing, flexible file storage, centralized access, Adobe and API integrations etc. 

19. Wyng

Headquartered in New York City, Offerpop’s UGC marketing SaaS platform, Wyng leverages brand’s UGC at every level of buyer’s journey, builds customer profiles for better targeting and segmentation, manages UGC across marketing channels, helps in creating campaigns and promotions and much more.

20. Gleam

Gleam is another marketing platform that helps in your business growth that uses four applications that helps in running competitions, instant rewards, produce social galleries and build email forms and more. It can integrate with over 100+ marketing and social apps. The four apps provide a comprehensive approach to business growth. 

That’s it! This was all about User Generated Content Platforms and how buying one for your business can help you in leveraging your business growth as well as drive social media presence in increasing sales.

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