Signs Your Company is Falling Behind the Times with Technology

In 2020, current technology is evolving faster than ever and for organizations, it can be both, a true blessing and a pain. On one side, improvements in technology have actually streamlined a lot of facets of running a service. New innovations have likewise opened up a globe of possibilities.

Meanwhile, it has become a routine for some businesses to fall behind very easily. The modern technology you use today could effortlessly be outdated in a couple of years. If you are certainly not listening, you could swiftly locate your business in the catch-up method.

The scary part is that most organizations do not even realize that they are actually falling back. They are so mesmerized in the daily job and are unable to keep up with the latest technology. Prior to they know it, their innovations and also procedures are totally outdated.

We have gathered a couple of signs that help you know about your company is falling behind the times with technology. However, there are more, but we grab the most common for you.

1. Your Business Relies on Manual Processes

Even in 2020, most organizations still use manual processes and their employees spent hours of time every day to do tasks that can be done within minutes. 

The manual processes not only contribute to slowing the business, but it’s one of the major signs for companies that their technology is falling behind.

So, let’s ask you a query.

What is the percentage of your manual processes that can be automated?

Ask yourself:

  • Do my workers enter data manually in systems?
  • Does my business rely on spreadsheets?
  • Do my business workflow processes manually?

The questions can be more but these are one of the most common fields that almost every business face and that can be automated as well. 

You may ask why is this so important?

By analyzing today’s market and consumer trends, one thing is clear which is “Time is money”. If your business processes are not automated, the manual assignments waste so much of your time and keep your workers busy from other important tasks. In simple words, businesses require agility to compete in the market and it cannot be achieved with manual processes.

2. Your Business Does Not Deploy (Efficient) Analytics

Companies surely have to deal with more data than in the past and it’s simply expanding every day. The problem is, many haven’t deployed dependable ways to switch this data into meaningful information

What is mean by “Efficient?”

Organizations assume that they are actually utilizing information analytics or Service Intelligence (BI). But in reality, their “BI” processes rely highly on spreadsheets and hands-on data entry. Even their reporting still goes through their IT division–creating a bottleneck.

Getting documents or obtaining access to essential data might take days as these traditional methods may deliver information but they’re exceptionally inefficient. Since companies generate more and more data, they must need advanced technology or tools to turn this data into insights if they don’t want to fall behind their competitors.
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