Top 7 eBay Scams to avoid

eBay is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can come together and trade anything from antiques to airplanes. If you’re a collector for rare items, you must know how useful it is to have a site like eBay in hand. Despite being eBay a regular shopping site or an auction marketplace, there are some drawbacks behind it. Especially, if you have experience with eBay for a while, you must have come across the term, eBay scams.

Experienced people may get a verified eBay account, which may keep them a bit safer with the scams around. However, for those who are starting their journey with eBay need some tips to avoid these scams. In this article, I’ll talk about the most popular scams on eBay that you must know about. Knowing about them will help you stay out of getting scammed or robbed. 

Top 7 eBay Scams to avoid

One thing is common across all the scams, and that is the target of the scammers, which is the less vigilant people. Here are seven eBay scams that you must know about and know how to avoid them effectively: 

  • Phishing emails with “eBay” name

The most common scam on eBay is the phishing emails that new users cannot differentiate easily. It will look like you’ve got an email from eBay, requiring you to log into your eBay account with the included link. Or, it may ask you to perform some actions to achieve a made-up discount or so. If you click on the link and log in to eBay with that, you’ll get hacked and eventually rob your money and identity. 

To stay out of these phishing emails, check your account immediately after getting the mail. Don’t use the link in the mail, but go to eBay’s official site manually and log in there. If there is anything to announce from eBay, you’ll get it from the dashboard, and you don’t need the mail. 

  • Fake PayPal accounts

It is one of the most popular scams on eBay to steal your money from the account. eBay owns PayPal, and they have interconnected to each other, which bad people take advantage of. You can use your PayPal account to pay for the items you’ve bought from eBay. However, if you’re a new seller on eBay, you may get scammed with a fake PayPal account. Some fraud may buy your item and send you a fake payment confirmation with a fake PayPal account. 

The best way to avoid these scams, go check your PayPal account after getting the payment. If you see the payment has arrived, you can release the item, but don’t release until you get a confirmation on PayPal. 

  • Shipping with an incorrect name

When you get an incorrect name on the package you receive from the post, it’s likely that you’ll return it. Once you return it intentionally, the refused option will cut you off from the eBay money-back guarantee. Scammers use this to execute their bad intention on you by sending the package with your name incorrectly. 

If you get scammed this way and receive a package like that, make sure you receive the package and report it. Once you report it to eBay, the victimization process will turn on your favor, and eBay will bloc the seller. 

  • Secret information on the sale

This scam on eBay has been here for a while now, and it may seem obvious to the experienced eBay users with verified eBay accounts. The scammer will list special and secrete information for sale, and it will look pretty lucrative if you’re familiar with it. 

The best way to avoid this kind of scams and stay away from the unreal claims. Whenever you see something too good to be true on eBay, beware of getting scammed if you pursue it. Your common sense is the way out of this kind of scams. 

  • Unreal discounts on items

Sellers can put discounts on their listed items, and that’s legit to do so, nothing to be aware of. However, if you see an item is being sold on eBay 80%-90% off the regular retail price, it’s too good to be true. Scammer sellers will take your money from the buyers and send nothing after the payment. 

Whenever you’ll see a branded product is under sale with almost no price, stay away from it. Here, your judgmental scene of pricing is the key to judge if the price is good, and the discount is too much. 

  • Getting second chances 

We all love to have second chances after losing something or getting something undone. eBay is an auction site where you win or lose when you try to buy something on auction. Well, the rule is, once you’ve lost the game, you lose it, there is no chance of getting it from the same auction. However, the eBay scammers will try to give you a second chance on the same auction you’ve lost. 

Don’t fall for a second chance on eBay, and there is nothing legit about it, you cannot get an item that doesn’t exist. You’ll pay for the item, and it will never arrive at you because the item doesn’t even exist in the first place. 

  • Seller may ship you an empty box

It’s become an obvious scam on eBay to receive a box of the item you ordered empty. The seller will ship you only the box without any item inside. Here, the money-back guarantees policy works again, and you lose the game against the scammer. You cannot leave any feedback as well, because you technically received the item. Before you receive the item, make sure the shipping charge is correct and see if it is charging on regular pricing. 

Final words

Online scams are available pretty much everywhere, from Craigslist to Facebook and every other possible website. The tendency of getting scammed is more common on sites like eBay, where people can put anything on sale as an auction. If you’re wandering around eBay, you’ll see expensive photographs, being sold on thousands, and reselling them as well. 
If you cannot understand what to go for and what to avoid on eBay, the chance of getting scammed is higher for you. So, it’s important to know about the scams that you will come across while buying or selling on eBay. Make sure you get a verified eBay account to stay safe from most of the scammers that may target you.

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