Mac Issues You Can Troubleshoot Without Professional Help

The best thing about Mac systems is their resilience- they seldom have issues. And even if they have them, you can resolve most of them on your own. So you need not spend on professional services and neither do you need to wait for a pro to come and get your machine back on track. Just knowing a few basic troubleshooting tips for common Mac issues can take you a long way. Here is a list of the problems that you can look after without any professional assistance. 

Startup problems 

When there is some startup issue with you, it may show a flashing question mark on the screen or just a blue or grey screen. A question mark indicates disk failure but you can manage it by putting the system into Recovery Mode and selecting the correct startup disk. The grey screen issue requires ensuring that the version of macOS is the latest. For a blue screen, starting up in the Safe Mode will help. If it still doesn’t startup, you will have to repair the startup disk using Disk Utility.

Charging glitches

Plugging your Mac into a different socket can be the simplest solution for a charging glitch caused by an issue with the PowerPoint. Try using a different power cable because there could be a problem with your cable. If it still does not charge, you need to rule out the possibility of the cable being at fault, which you can do by checking if it charges on another laptop. Finally, you can try resetting the SMC and if it still doesn’t charge, you will need a battery replacement.

Performance issues

You may experience a slowdown with your Mac at any point in time, but fortunately, this is another issue you can try resolving yourself. To start with, you need to figure out the cause of the slowdown. You can check here the most common ones along with their effective solutions. Even if your system seems to run flawlessly, a periodic cleanup is recommended to ensure that you don’t experience slowdowns. It is recommended that you don’t clutter the Mac with files and apps that you seldom use. 

Frozen Mac

At times, you may experience the problem of frozen Mac right in the middle of an important task. This can be quite frustrating and the last thing you would want to do is to wait for a professional to come over and resolve the concern. Most probably, you won’t have to! Frozen Mac issue is attributed to an unresponsive app and you simply need to Force Quit it to get the system running normally again.

Mac won’t shut down

Another problem you may come across is the shutdown process. If the system is not shutting down, it may actually be closing some apps in the background. The best thing in such a situation is to be patient. You can expect the process to take a while for shutting down the apps, specifically if data is to be saved. Maybe, you will have to save a file yourself to complete the task.

These common issues seem small but can be troublesome when you have some urgent tasks to complete. However, clear thinking and right action can save you the trouble and get your Mac back to work.

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