Practices To Stay Clear Of During SEO For Your Website

There’s no second thought to it that SEO is vital for your website’s organic search ranking. However, in a broader sense, search engine optimization entails a vast variety of activities and practices which could get cumbersome with due time. For example, creating content, promoting social links, and securing authoritative backlinks from other websites are some of the common activities involved.

Well, you may certainly know what you need to include in your strategy, the key success factor is knowing what not to. In other words, you should prepare for the things that you must avoid when taking up the SEO for your website. After all, bad practices can do more harm, than good ones can benefit your website. Thankfully, this article brings you the dos and donts of SEO. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the practices to stay clear of during SEO for your website.

Link Acquisition In Bulk

One of the most devastating mistakes that many bloggers and online marketers make is acquiring links in bulk. Although the number of links does matter, the quality of these links matters more than the quantity. Moreover, bulk links acquired within a short period of time is often regarded as link farming, which is a black hat SEO technique, that you must avoid at all cost.

Competing For High Competition Keywords

Particularly, if you’re practicing SEO for a young domain, it is vital that you target low-competition keywords. On the contrary, if you target high-competition keywords, you merely stand any chance to rank for them in search results. Which could harm your overall rankings in SERPs. 

Duplicacy Of Content

Whichever platform you use, Blogger or WordPress, you would have realized that the tags that you assign to your blog posts associate them to a certain page. Although this helps to construct a good site map, it is very harmful to your overall SEO. Experts suggest that using multiple tags creates more than one internal links, but at the same time also creates a duplicate copy of your content. Additionally, this leads your content to be indexed with search engines more than once. And you would already know that plagiarism is penalized by search engines. In other words, multiple tagging can create duplicate copies of your content which could dip your SERP rankings drastically.

Missing Out On Competition

Most importantly, you must never stop following your competitors, especially if they are performing quite well online. Competitor analysis can provide you with sufficient information to create and modify your SEO strategy as and when needed. After all, being flexible is quite indispensable for online marketing.

Regardless of what strategy you follow, your SEO is sure to include a healthy keyword optimization plan and a link building strategy. Besides, you’d also want to partner up with influencers online and build yourself a community of bloggers within your niche. However, the aforementioned practices must be kept in mind all the time. Any negligence may result in running water all over your efforts.

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