What Is A Smart Home and What’s the Future?

In this article we will explain how a smart home exactly looks like. In a smart home, in principle, all electronic devices can communicate with each other.

The future home

The smart home has been called as the house of the future. A future house that must be able to do a number of things that looks impossible with the current version. But above all, it must offer the resident comfort, safety, energy efficiency and convenience. Everything in your house should be up-to-date at all times; whether you are resident at home or not. That is of course a bit vague, fortunately those words can be explained. The future home contains smart devices that can all communicate with each other via WiFi, Bluetooth or any other means of communication that are still being invented or are still being worked on. 

As the technology is getting more and more advanced these days, all those old-school tools are being replaced by smart devices and latest technologies. Therefore it’s not always easy to find all kinds of devices and facilities. Think of household appliances, televisions, lighting, air conditioning, your sound system, security alarms and security cameras. All these devices can be controlled from home, regardless of the room you are in. But you can also set certain schedules per device and control everything far away from home, via a smartphone, tablet, computer or other device. 

Convenience Serves Man

The only aim of smart homes or future homes is to make our life easier. You can sit down to see which products are best for you and what you want first for your convenience. Looking at the past thirty years, a smart home offers the same benefits as technology in general: mainly convenience, but you can also save money, time and – more importantly – energy to serve on other tasks. 

At the time of writing, a good number of smart homes do exist in America as compared to the rest of the world. That is why you see that many manufacturers are currently coming up with solutions that adapt to the current structure of the houses using WiFi and Bluetooth technology. 

Smart home and Retrofit

A term that is often still linked to the smart home is therefore also retrofit. If you were to parse the name, you can already find out what the term means: you use existing technology or devices to make things smart at home. 

Take Smart products, like a camera in the fridge that shows what is inside. That camera takes a photo of the contents of the refrigerator every time you open the door, which you can view on a special application on your smartphone. So you never have to think in the supermarket whether you have something in your house or not – after all, the photo always shows the most recent content. Simply put, retrofitting means working the other way around. You do not adapt your house with new technology, but let the new technology work together with the devices that you have previously bought.

Safety and Protocols

The various devices can communicate with each other by means of such a protocol. For example, a smoke detector should be able to turn off the oven when things go wrong and a garage door should go up when the car arrives – but if both devices are connected to the internet using a different protocol, communication will not go smoothly. Therefore, a sloping or leaked roof is an important aspect for your home. Before installing such smart devices in your home, make sure you do not have roof damage. Maybe you have recently installed a new roof but still an inspection is must because a new roof can fail.

Of course there are the roofers who can quickly repair your broken roof so that, there will be no chance to lose your devices due to spark. Sparks or short circuits may cause extra damage to your home. A leaked roof can cause enormous damage to your home and that is something no one is waiting for.

Future Smart home 

It is not yet clear which protocol will ultimately be the winner. In any case, what is important is that development must continue, as saving energy and money is or will be important for many people. Certainly with the limited resources that our earth offers, we really have to look at more options to save energy. This is already possible by purchasing smart lamps, which you can already use at home and can be precisely controlled from your smartphone. Or by taking a smart thermostat.

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