Smart Tips to Keep Burglars Away from your Home

No one wants to come home from a long romantic drive or a nice dinner with family or friends and discover that your valuables have been stolen in your absence. It will touch you in your deepest sense of security. You never gave burglars free rein but most victims do not quickly get over it. 

Nothing is more important than the safety of your house and valuables. So prevention is better than cure. Make your home safe and keep burglars out by following these tips. 

Make your house burglar-proof

Burglars use the environment and the situation to enter your home. Think of the seasons when it is dark early. Prevent as much as possible that they can go about their business undisturbed in the front or backyard. 

Use Smart Lights

Burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight. Provide (automatic) lighting in the garden. With a motion sensor or twilight switch. Small side note: if there is no view of your front door or garden, burglar lighting can be a handy help. Don’t hide keys in ‘secret’ places around your house. 

Clean up loose items (such as ladders and waste containers) in the garden so that burglars cannot use them as an ascent option. Store them in the shed or use a padlock to secure them. 

Get good locks and use them too

Having good locks on doors and windows is important. You can reduce the risk of burglary with hinges and locks that meet the quality mark for safe living. You can recognize these locks by logo. If you have good locks, use them too! More and more home burglaries take place in the morning or afternoon. 

Many people went to work or away from home to bring or pick up the children. Especially when you are only away for a short time. Most of the people fail to close their house properly. Therefore, buying new keyless automatic door locks or installing smart door locks is worth investing. Always lock the door and close the windows. Even if you only go out for 5 minutes. The police indicate that this can reduce the number of burglaries by up to 20%. 

Make your house look like you are at home

In the evening, especially after dark, burglars can easily see if there’s no one inside the house. Holiday periods and holidays are also popular with burglars. If you are away from home at these times, make sure your home still seems inhabited. Your home will look more habitable if you:

  • Ensures that lighting is on at various places and times in the house.
  • Ask your neighbors to park their (second) car in your driveway.
  • Have a (half full) glass of water or cup of coffee visible on the coffee table.
  • Ask someone to regularly take the mail out of the letterbox.
  • Have neighbors or acquaintances open and close the curtains during holidays.
  • Do not share on social media that you are going on vacation.

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