Top 8 Best Free Logo Maker Tools In 2019

Identity and image are important to make a business. Whether you are designing a website for your company, coming up innovative ideas or need a symbolic representation of your project, a logo can provide an instantly recognizable means of identification. Renowned companies put a huge amount of investment, time and resources to get it right but the ones running small business uses online logo makers and generators to make their logo in close to none or even for free.

In a little time and putting a little effort, you can create your own logo free of cost by using the following free online logo creator tool. With easy to use designing templates and editor style control you will be able to see just how easy it is to use.


Free logo maker tools

Canva is the best choice for designing and a drag-and-drop editor to customize the logo design. It can be used for many more purposes besides designing logos. For example, it is an excellent choice for creating banners, gift cards, invitation and much more.

Canva has an extensive range of templates and basic designs that can help you to get started. You can ensure that your logo design meets your designing requirements and business specification. The online editor makes it easy for the user to add and customize graphics, images, and texts in your logo.

Most tools in Canva are free to use, and others are available to the [premium account holders. Canva also has a mobile app so that you can make tweaks from your mobile as well. It is easy to use and flexible, and as said above, it is the best choice for making fresh and outstanding logos.


best logo maker softwares

If you need a modern logo design for your company, Logaster is the best choice. If your needs are average, you can download a simple version of your logo free of cost, but if you need a high-resolution logo to be printed, the file will cost about £9.99.

A wizard will guide you through the logo making process, presenting you some templates to choose from. Once you are done with the process, you can tweak your design with the editing tool, depending on your needs, benefits, and drawbacks.

Online logo maker

Online logo maker comes with advanced tools and is meant for more confident users. It features an online image editor that can be used for making logos, business card, and many other things by combining texts and images.

There is a library of images and shapes that can be dragged and dropped in place, resized, repositioned and colored. There is also a choice of uploading your graphic images for you to upload images other than that in the library. It downloads small versions of logos free of charge to be used on social media platforms and your website. However, there is a little fee if you need the design in higher resolution.

4. Design iconic

Free custom logo creator

Design iconic offers professionally designed logos for free. The platform is not only equipped with professional logo making tools, but it also offers the help of professional designers available online 24/7 to create a customized logo for free.

The free logo makers

The free logo makers

It is an impressive application for online use only. It lets the user create impressive logos online for free. One drawback of this logo maker is that there is a limited choice of sizes and formats. Although it has different packages that you can opt for to buy a large or vector version for your logo design. It is an extensive library of templates which can help you to get started. Its online editor is pretty impressive and gives you access to the different layer to create a perfect personalized logo.

Square space logo maker

It is one of the quickest ways of making good and eye-catching logos. The website focuses on making simple and minimalist designs, which is perfect to make a creative, eye-catching design.

There are fewer options as compared to the sites above, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a drawback. It means that you can create a logo design in a matter of a few moments. The logos can be downloaded at a low resolution without paying a subscription fee, and the images will be watermarked in a fainted color.


With Shopify, you don’t need to have the technical expertise for creating a logo. You have to take a few moments out of your busy schedule to design a perfect logo for your company. Small business entrepreneurs can use Shopify’s stock imagery to put together a unique and creative logo design. It has a vast library of options and is constantly adding to make the process easier to understand.


Designhill has a different work process than all the other options on the list. It gives the user two options to make a logo design. One is to use designhill’s free logo generator. It is a three-step process to putting your logo together. The different between Designhill and other logo generator is that it has a second option for designing a perfect logo. Designhill insists on giving accurate information about your business to make a better logo design. The more accurate your business information is, the better your logo design will be.

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