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Muzamil Ali

We at Techswizard.com can’t do much without our readers and the writers who contribute their unique point of views for us.

We have been here since 2015 to welcome all the experts who want to guide the readers about the latest technological developments in the field of technology.  The articles that our respected writers post on our websites are a source of education for all our readers.

We welcome all the articles that are related to the field of online marketing, Technology News the latest gadgets introduced in the market and the upcoming gadgets too. Techs Wizard is also a good site for the Gamers who need to know about latest upcoming new games .a better place for the latest information about softwares , upcoming mobile reviews & step by step tutorials The contributors with latest information about the above mentioned fields are most welcome but their contribution should be written according to the following guidelines.

Guidelines For The Writers

  • Join us to reach out to new and old readers with your unique and up to date content.
  • The quality of English used in the articles should be of high quality and must meet the international standards of English language.
  • The post that you want to be published should contain tips for the website visitors, it is better to add code snippets, charts/graphs, case studies, statistics that are authentic supporting images and YouTube video links or twitter links that you think are suitable.
  • You should make sure that all the material that you share on our website is well formatted and is convenient to scan and print.
  • It is always better to use bullets to enhance the important stuff.
  • Editing and proof reading is a must before you send the content to us at.
  • Submission Email: info@techswizard.com
  • We accept the content that is 1000- 1500 words long.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated at our website, so everything that you share must be unique.
  • You are required to add two sentence long credit at the end of every post
  • you share with us with you name in it.